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I'm a Lucky Man

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I'm a lucky man, I frequently get to build one of a kind custom rods for some of the finest hand crafted custom reels made, and all of those reels are made right here in Ontario.



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What you mean you don't make any rods to match those beautiful and stylish handcrafted in America Coleville precision reels LOL.  That handle needs more checkerboard burl!!  Seriously though, nice work!

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Hello Chris, If you wish you can double your luck all over again. Ron is building custom reel for me in the fall of 2021. So, it only make since if  you are the ONE who will build the custom rod for me. Just a hint.

Nevertheless, I'm sure you will agree that Ron's reels and rods build by you are match made in haven.

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Beauty!!  How can I get my hands on the matching lemke hardware?

Im looking to get my custom rod built this year but I think it’ll take awhile once it’s all completed.  I just placed an order for a cts blank 4-8 but who knows how long shipping will be from New Zealand.

I received my reel last week and was eager to fish it.  Slapped it on my rpx and sent it.  First drift and fish on!



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