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Headed up to Gull Lake this past Sunday for the Chris Brock Show (haha sorry Chris I couldn't help myslef). After a short sled ride from Deep Bay my buddy and I were fishing by 8:00. It started off super slow and any marked fish did not seem interested in anything we were throwing at it. Tubes, spoons and single hook minnows were not doing the trick. Every fish I tried to bring up quickly lost interest. After a couple hours Chris came back to check up on us. This is when the action started picking up. My buddy landed his first Laker and after a few miss strikes I was finally on the board. Chris ended up pulling a walleye out of the hole he was fishing near by. A couple more fish came out the hole and a couple beers went down. Just when we were wrapping everything up for the day my buddy hooked into a Ling that he was praying for all day. When he was pulling it out of the hole it spit the hook and slowly sank back to the depths below. All in all we had a great time and I will be going back for sure. Chris was great fun and super helpful. He picked us up, brought us to the hut, got us some minnows and even let us use his fish finder. Awesome dude and a steal of a deal. We got our limit of fish, good times and home brews. Looking forward to the next adventure! Thanks Chris. Pictures to come.

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It wasn't a walleye, it was a pickereye



Rod Caster googles "Chris Brock ice fishing" and ends up right back here.


Thx for the report Skunk, and sounds like a nice winter hobby you have set up Chris!


I'm having a lot of fun. Everybody I've met from OFC are all great people. Skunk's home brew was good antifreeze on a cold winter's day too.

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Where is your hut located Chris ? I might be up way on the Yamaha this weekend I will keep an eye or 2 out for you !!!!!! Cheers man....


It's on the west side of Long Island, all by itself, red and silver, stop in for sure Shawn, I'd like to get a closer look at your rocket sled too

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