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  1. Yes it sure is sad i have been on a few fly ins in that beaver as well,i will be flying into Lobo lake in September one of Hawk airs outpost camps.
  2. Yes it sure is Chris it has got to be tough on the outfitter to get through the rest of the season after such a tragedy i have flown on that beaver a few times into some of the Air Dale camps.
  3. My condolences go out to the Hawk air family in this most difficult time after losing 2 members of there crew in yesterdays plane crash. Mitch
  4. Well it looks like you had a great outing Joey thanks for sharing really enjoyed the video great looking brookies. Cheers Mitch
  5. Thanks for the report James great write up and love the photos i had considered doing a fly in to Sunshine lake in the past but always worried if the lake was big enough for a 7 day trip just wondering did you have access to any portage lakes. Cheers Mitch
  6. Merry Christmas Bruce and all the best in the up and coming New year. Cheers Mitch
  7. That is pretty awesome footage it seems like the wolf had spotted the drone and decided to give up his pursuit of the Moose very cool thanks for sharing. Cheers Mitch
  8. Wow that is crazy Chris have been on quite a few fly ins and that would not sit very well with me Flying at that altitude, if i remember correctly on my first ever fly in out of Nakina i had all kinds of questions for the pilot as it was my first time in a float plane and i was in the the co pilot seat, we had a very low ceiling that morning and i had asked him if we would be flying below the low cloud cover, he said yes we are going to give her a go and he said as long as we are flying no lower than 500 ft all will be good so I am assuming that was the lowest altitude they were allowed to fly. Cheers Mitch
  9. Yes you are right Chris the Theriaults are legendary in that neck of the woods,George Theriault Sr wrote a book called Trespassing in Gods Country it is a very good read.
  10. Your are right Mr.G the Theriault Family at Air Ivanhoe do run a first class operation I have done a few Fly ins with them over the years at different Outpost Camps and have never been disapointed with there service or the Fishing.
  11. This year's annual Fly In was with Air Ivanhoe out of Foleyet Ontario, on September 8th-15th. My brother and I have fished this Lake in the past and always had great success. We left early Thursday morning and made it to the Air base by 1:30 in the afternoon. The plan was to spend the night at the Lodge and Fly out Friday morning. As we were sitting in the Lodge and making the final payment for the trip, our pilot Joel Theriault offered to fly us in that afternoon so we unloaded the truck got our gear weighed and before you knew it we were on our way to Shawmere Lake. It was nice to Fly in that afternoon as this allowed us to get everything set up in camp and get out for an early fish Friday morning.This camp has been closed for the last 2 years and just reopened June 30th of this year and has seen extensive renovations such as a big screened in porch running water at the sink and a shower and vanity and the camp is now all run on solar power with an Inverter and 12 volt batteries and a 3000 watt generator it even has a small freezer.Now to the fishing we caught a good number of walleye everyday under very tough conditions warm temps and bright sunny skies with no wind and as an added bonus we got in to a few nice Northerns. This lake has an abundance of Walleye in the 16 to 17 inch range we only got a few that were over 18 to 20 inches which is fine by us as we are not Trophy guys it is all about the numbers all and all it was another great trip I would like to Thank the Theriault family and there staff at Air Ivanhoe for another great trip. Cheers Mitch
  12. So sorry for your loss Cliff my condolences to you and your family.
  13. That is a great deal Chris i would be all over that if i was able to get away for those dates and this years fly in trip is already booked for September the 8th-16th. Cheers Mitch
  14. Nice report and photos looks like you boys had a great time thanks for sharing. Cheers Mitch
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