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  1. Rapala Riverrat Centerpin Float Fishing Reel. Originally bought it brand new from retailer and only used the reel two times. Nothing wrong with the reel, just decided to upgrade to a more expensive reel. Comes with original box, bearing removal tool, carrying pouch, and prespooled on the reel is 15lb clear backing with 15lb high visibility yellow main line. Retailed originally for $400. Does not include a fishing pole. Bearings are very smooth and the clicker is strong. Will ship for free. Asking $200 but am open to offers. Will ship through mail for free within reason. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me about it.
  2. It is open all year, but I think pics was talking about the fact that people might grab bass out of the other ponds all year
  3. I noticed on the Norfolk County Website that there's a "trout pond" that they stock and I hear that it is one of the Waterford ponds. Can someone tell me which pond that might be and if people actually catch non bass fish in it? A map showing which pond it is would be really helpful. Also, I noticed a bunch of fishing at the ponds today. Is there a different regulation for bass season at the ponds? Thanks for all the help!
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