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  1. If anyone is interested in reading this... A different point of view from what we are experiencing. I found it interesting.
  2. Wow you guys are all pretty short sighted eh. The last 10 posts were completely irrelevant to the post I made. Fun group we have here, enjoyed the intellectual conversation, guys.
  3. This is the article I am talking about at the moment. Nothing about the boat ramps.
  4. Glad I can’t even post an article with an interesting point of view without getting jumped on. You keyboard warriors are an awesome time.
  5. I’m sorry, please do show me where I said I was going to start another petition. Thanks.
  6. Well thanks for the information. Not that it really matters, at all. But I drive a bow rider, and use it mostly for pleasure boating - and occasionally fishing. I often enjoy taking the wife out for a ride in the evening booting across the lake without fishing at all, and even more enjoy going out with our friends and sitting at the local sandbar with the radio going and swimming. So do I think I am better than pleasure boaters? No, I am one. I believed by chances of getting ramps re-opened for fishing purposes to be greater than pleasure boating - and that is why I chose that route.
  7. You cannot modify a petition after it is started, and I have little faith that it will make much difference anyways - therefore I am not starting a new one just to include pleasure boating. Thanks for your valued insight though.
  8. An interesting read... https://www.thecollegefix.com/epidemiologist-coronavirus-could-be-exterminated-if-lockdowns-were-lifted/?fbclid=IwAR20QdNDfblDXR017NCSNQfpxtqDhoafElFOYXxYRhDD_AH0SfIoqFJ3YS8
  9. An interesting read... https://www.thecollegefix.com/epidemiologist-coronavirus-could-be-exterminated-if-lockdowns-were-lifted/?fbclid=IwAR20QdNDfblDXR017NCSNQfpxtqDhoafElFOYXxYRhDD_AH0SfIoqFJ3YS8
  10. Quietly observing! 😊 I’ve made my points and disagree with some others, but I’m not changing any minds so no use in arguing. Also, I’m laying some floor the kitchen so that’s keeping me busy... Noticed our house once had some beautiful linoleum, thinking about keeping it!
  11. Hi Bill, I completely agree with what you're saying. I do believe this is the reason the government closed the boat ramps, but I feel that they should remain open to those who choose to use the ramp for fishing purposes, and not partying at the Grassies. Rather than shut the ramps down to everyone, they can allow access to those going to fish, and fine the ones who aren't being socially responsible. They keep mentioning these $750 and $1,000 fines for not following the new emergency orders, why not hand a few out to the people who are ruining it for everyone?
  12. I have seen the pictures of people gathering in public parks. If the OPP would have handed out a few of those $750 or $1,000 fines we keep hearing about we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Why prevent us angels from fishing at a distance from others?
  13. How did you make out your last time out??
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