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  1. Does anyone know how the ice is on eagle late Halliburton area
  2. Used a drill pump. Worked pretty decent i must say. I have a bunch of batteries so wasn't a problem. Just wish i zip tied the trigger to give my finger a break IMG_4362.MP4
  3. Ice was great over Christmas even saw a couple snowmobiles out. Did catch anything but still tried. We also made a really nice rink. I got up to 8" in some spots. It got warm Over the last two days with some rain so a decent amount of melt but before that was nice
  4. We make a rink every year for the last three years. We rent as a group once per winter for four days. We have a big group of guys so we make quick work of clearing the snow. Then we start a flood by using the auger to draw up water from the whole. This year i have a pump that uses the power from the drill to spin the turbine. Hope that doesnt freeze up but worth a shot.
  5. What methods do you use to flood? Just spray water or do you have a makeshift zamboni system?
  6. Thanks for that! And be safe like big cliff said
  7. Thanks a lot I'm getting more excited by the day
  8. Mill pond is on mill street accessible from Bathurst north of major Mackenzie. I believe he was referring to oak bank pond on centre street west of young. Mill pond has nice skating in the winter when its frozen and people do fish it in the warmer months for small fish
  9. Thats Oak bank pond. People have fished there I haven't I'm not sure whats in there but I've people fishing small pond in my area and they do catch small fish. Not sure if there is ice on the shore yet. I can have a look if I drive by that area tomorrow. There is a wood deck that you can cast off if there is no ice I think you should be good.
  10. One year was bad but we still managed to make a small skating area just off shore fishing was no good that year
  11. Staying optimistic. We would only be on foot anyway not like I'm asking for enough ice to have a sled out there. Might have something decent by Christmas. My name is Evan I live in Vaughan
  12. Thanks for the reply I'm going to follow up with a restaurant in the area hopefully they have something good to say
  13. I read that today unfortunate for sure hope it manages to firm up still
  14. Hey there, I'm new to the community. I will be staying at a cottage on Whitestone Lake over Christmas and hope to have suitable ice to fish with a group. This is a yearly tradition however we are new to the cottage and lake. Main question is how are the ice conditions in the area right now. With two weeks until we go it can only get thicker so I'm trying to see what the worst case would be (current conditions). Anyone been inthe area lately (near Perry Sound, Whitestone, Dunchurch)? we take ice safety seriously I normally go out there with one other guy on foot and auger some holes to take a measurement of the thickness. In the last three years we have had good conditions for a full ice rink even so I'm hopeful. Anyway if anyone know what the ice is looking like in that area (whitestone, perry sound, dunchurch) it would be greatly appreciated of you could share.
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