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Found 5 results

  1. A bit of a different post this time. An “origin” story of a good friend and frequent fishing partner I introduced Colin to my love of fishing some 30 years ago and in 2016 he joined our fly in fishing group Reminded me of how awesome it is to introduce someone to the outdoors https://www.northernjacks.com/post/grasshopper Cheers Andrew
  2. Over the last few years I have really gotten a kick out of writing trip reports. I certainly don't think of myself as a writer but after some encouragement I have taken the time to build out my own blog. Full disclosure its more of an outdoor blog than a fishing blog (although will definitely slant towards fishing) Wanted to share with this community as this site is where I first got the writing big so to speak when we were researching our first trip many years ago The goal is to average between 1 to 2 posts per week Also feel free to request content here or pm me Site is northernjacks.com Cheers Andrew aka Gordy
  3. Hello All, Spent the afternoon with the barred owl family today. Definitely lucked out, as I was able to capture on film the female vocalize a number of times to her mate - who was roosting some 200 yards away. It was my hope to capture this on film so I am pretty excited! (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Thanks for watching... Cheers, Justin
  4. Hello All, Was fortunate this past week to find a nesting pair of barred owls. The last few days have been spent shooting photographs and video. I was fortunate, and very lucky, to have the camera running when the male owl regurgitated a pellet. I have never witnessed this in the wild so was definitely a very cool moment. My guess is the chicks will be hatching in 3 to 4 weeks - can't wait to document it all. (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Cheers, Justin
  5. Hello All, With the spring finally showing itself, I located a spot down in Merrickville, Ontario that had a collection of garter snakes coming out of their winter hibernation. After shooting some photographs, I was fortunate to begin filming two snakes begin to mate. It was quite the intricate process - and very neat to witness. In total, it lasted approximately 15 minutes. (watch in 1080p HD for best quality) Cheers, Justin
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