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  1. Garfisher

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    I use 17lb Trilene 100% fluoro without much problem using jigs and chatterbaits. That being said, definitely check your line especially if you've jacked a couple bass (really hard sets), as you may be a backlash or really hard set away from busting off. I do like the combo for dragging tubes if you have the opportunity to do that in the fall, the line does last a bit in the mussels but of course constantly check your line as it will get nicked-up pretty good
  2. Garfisher

    Saw new Rapala Super Shadow Rap

    I ordered one on eBay way back in the spring (in Artistic Burbot) and fished it the only time I've fished muskies this year back in June. It has a pretty wicked action to it when worked and it casts really well. Ended up having a bass or something maybe 3 times the size of the lure take a swing at it, and then ended up missing a fish on it a little later. I've been getting the urge to toss it lately come to think of it haha
  3. Garfisher

    Sportsman Show any good?

    Went yesterday, wasn't too bad, especially with relative lack of people compared to the weekend. For the most part wandered around and looked at fishing tackle, some of the hunting and camping vendors had no tax sales going on (only briefly stopped at a couple), tackle shops had some bargain bins, basically what you would expect at a Sportsmen's Show. Was sort of disappointed in the lack of taxidermied specimens at the taxidermy booth, I suspect there would be more though as the show progresses if what they had last year is "par for the course".
  4. Garfisher

    Spinning reel line of choice?

    Could do entirely fluorocarbon if you aren't a big fan of leaders, I ran 6lb Sunline FC Sniper on my ML spinning rod for a couple years (until I got a new reel and went 8lb fireline crystal with a fluoro leader, partly so I could float fish for crappie) with no problems at all for walleye, trout, bass, and panfish unless I got really lazy with checking knots. If you went with fluoro I would maybe suggest 8lb FC Sniper for a little more forgiveness (or 6lb of your favourite fluoro), the stuff handles like mono and you don't have to replace it every year which is nice (Sunline line diameters are smaller than most other lines, 8lb Sunline line would be the same as most 6lb lines). Braid is definitely a good option though, especially if you see yourself float fishing at all. Mono isn't bad either but obviously less sensitivity and more stretch.
  5. Garfisher

    Stoco Lake

    Totally couldn't have been the Fish TV guys hammering them the one episode as they specifically said where they were fishing with the addition of "another beautiful Land O'Lakes crappie" after basically every one. No idea why there was a sudden climb in pressure
  6. Garfisher

    Scugog Walleye

    https://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/6142247-ministry-to-close-walleye-fishing-on-lakes-scugog/ "In an email to This week, Lisa Solomon, management biologist at the MNRF Peterborough District, said walleye were first stocked in Lake Scugog in the 1920s, and stocking continued until the 1940s. From the 1940s to present, the walleye population has reproduced naturally, eliminating the need to stock the lake. Ms Solomon noted that data collected in the ensuing decades revealed the population was declining, and several factors contributed to that. 'A decline in the population was first detected in the early 2000s. Angler overharvest occurred during the 1980s and 1990s, but there are other significant factors contributing to the decline, such as changes to the fish community (the introduction of black crappie and blue gill), possible degradation of spawning habitat, and the introduction of invasive species.' She added the data 'indicates that there is recruitment failure, resulting in mainly older walleye in the population. Species such as black crappie and blue gill compete with walleye for resources and black crappie may prey on young walleye.' "
  7. Garfisher

    Something to talk about while water freezes, Nwebies

    Mouth isn't as large, the toothpatch on the tongue is either different from a largemouth or it is present in Spotteds and not in Largemouths (Edit: Spotteds have a rectangular patch in the middle of the tongue, Largemouths have an almost entirely snooth tongue), and the dark lateral stripe on a Spotted looks like it is made of diamond shapes compared to the squares/solid line that Largies have. Apparently Spotted Bass are also more related to Smallmouth than to Largemouth based on DNA
  8. http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/shadow-rap-series/shadow-rapandreg/Shadow+Rap.html?cgid=rapala-lures-shadow#start=1&cgid=rapala-lures-shadow http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/shadow-rap-series/shadow-rapandreg-shad/Shadow+Rap+Shad.html?cgid=rapala-lures-shadow#start=1&cgid=rapala-lures-shadow Two different lures, two different actions
  9. Garfisher

    Bluegill and Sunfish Hotspots in Tiny, ON

    You're going to be hardpressed to get bluegill in around Tiny unless you were to maybe go down to Simcoe (Bluegill are slowly making their way through the Trent-Severn into Georgian Bay but they are in super low numbers). Little Lake in Midland wouldn't be bad, around 15 minutes away from Balm Beach and it's loaded with Pumpkinseeds and Rock Bass and other panfish. In terms of fishing at Balm Beach, you may get Rock Bass or Smallmouth but Balm Beach is, well, a beach. Not much for cover, there won't be too much around unless there's some rocks around.
  10. Garfisher

    Fish Tank

    I'm pretty sure that's the only real legal way to have pet native fish in your tank besides "storing" baitfish in your aquarium (which may end up becoming illegal in a couple years anyways). I believe you need a receipt from the place of aquaculture as proof you didn't catch the fish out of the wild, it would be best to email the local MNRF office to confirm it though. Now, realistically one could keep anything in a tank as long as you don't go gloating about it online or do anything that would make a CO want to check out your house. Of course it's proceed at your own risk, yea it's illegal and if caught you'll probably be losing some stuff along with getting fined, but at the same time I've never really heard of house raids for fish in an aquarium.
  11. Garfisher

    Interesting Read

    Bass are only native to the Great Lakes and their tributaries (and most lakes within those tribs) up to the 1st natural barrier (aka fairly tall waterfalls). Bass were widely stocked in the early 1900s (if I remember correctly), and in most/possibly all the trout lakes they were stocked into they have been very/extremely destructive. That and I believe a lot of anglers in the northern FMZs don't target bass like we do in the south, therefore a lot less pressure on the populations.
  12. Garfisher

    Bluegill/rock bass?

    100% Green Sunfish. Native to SW Ontario and a small portion of NW Ontario
  13. Garfisher

    MP Of Kawarthas "Save the walleye"

    You're right they should have set gill nets so that they could cover more areas (and remove those walleye instead of being able to release them)
  14. Garfisher

    Inflatable PFD's

    The ones rated as PFDs are rated so because they may not keep your head above water should you be unconcious and are face down.
  15. Garfisher

    secret lure for bass

    Yes but those bass likely wouldn't be spawning around last year's nests in 7-8', they'd likely move inward a bit to maintain similar spawning depths