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  1. Hi Roy, nice to see you and some other ole friends still hangin around here.
  2. Musky/Pike teeth or Zebra Mussels. They slice it like butter! Someone should market a cutter based on one of those. I've tried!
  3. I hope Balsam does not go the way of Crowe Lake where pike KILLED the musky fishery. Sinker is right. Snot rockets on Trilakes or Rice would suck. Great for the tackle store though.
  4. Great shot Dan! That's the stuff of a beer commercial.
  5. Awesome on the fish'n mission. Attire to be desired. We are do soon for a fish with Will & Phil I have a shirt for Cliff too.
  6. Older post, bumping it to answer Msg I got today when asked about fishing thick weed for walleye. Here you go.
  7. Cast over a 1" tube. You'll get him.
  8. No problem Bill, I'll get Roy on painting them up... in the "tocatchfishermanpattern" he is a true artist.
  9. Those big arse swim baits were designed for Western US lakes where largies feed on stocked trout. Mostly in California I beleive. That being said, I've heard of a few incideantal largies caught by toothy anglers but yet to hear of someone patterning this bait for largies here. Now swimbaits in the 5 to 8" are killer for largies here. Cast them out and reel them in like you would a spinnerbait.
  10. "Rollin in my 5.0 with the rag top down so my hair can blow" meh.
  11. Very nice! Love the hat, have a couple of those myself for camping trips.
  12. Probably not worth much to be honest. However they are to certain anglers like myself. I will offer a trade for them if it interests you. One of the first cranks I ever used, and you know what they say about confidence baits. Let me know. P.
  13. I would think you are correct in your assumptions. Good thing is poachers are creatures of habit.... he'll be back. Take some photos and when you have them PM me and I'll give you a number to send them to.
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