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  1. Home Depot gift card with $1300 value for $1000. Can meet at a HD location to verify 416-670-4989
  2. That's looks great. I'll definitely grab a few to try. Amazing what they come up with.
  3. It's not super special or cool but I've been loving my non-digital scale that I just got.
  4. Micro guides and line to line knots don't go well together in my experience.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I went there prepared for the weeds and we ended up boating 2 smallies and 5 largies all in the 2.5-3lb range. No hogs but still had a great time. All fish were caught on various texas rigged plastics. We were expecting overcast weather with chance of rain but it was mostly sunny and we got toasted lol.
  6. I saw the same thing at Cordova lake last month. Hundreds of them, dead on the water surface.
  7. I'm heading to lower buckhorn on Wednesday and would like to know if its really weedy right now. TIA
  8. Whenever I see Lake Erie and smallies in the same title, I always expect to see big smallies. Great job!
  9. Same here, noticed a lot more smallies vs largies this year.....not that I'm complaining lol Love them bronze backs
  10. The head on that gator is huge!!
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