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  1. Hey guys. I have a trip planned for Maple Lake next week. I've never fished it before so I'm going in blind. Does anyone have any info on where to start to get into some Lakers and Walleye? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I want to get the boys on some fish. Feel free to PM if you like. Thanks. Tight lines
  2. Perfect. Thanks so much for the info. Really appreciate it.
  3. Hey guys. With the cold weather today it got me thinking about ice fishing this year. I'm looking to plan a trip in mid January around the haliburton area. I've done some research and narrowed it down to a handful of lakes. We have a group of guys going so mainly just want to get into some numbers of fish if possible with size being a bonus. Target species would be Lakers and Walleyes. If you guys had to chose between these 5 lakes what would you chose? Maple, Redstone, Eagle, Kushog or Kashagawigamog. I don't want to blow up anyone's spot or anything so feel free to DM me if you like. Any info would help guys. I've never really ice fished this area. Cheers guys.
  4. Looks like a great trip. Nice Smallies
  5. Great report man. Those Lillys look like a Bass haven.
  6. Me too man. I'm all set to go out in my $1 store poncho. Lol
  7. I'll be a lot more south than that. I'll be in the port Severn area.
  8. I'll be on Gbay starting this Saturday for multiple days chasing the bucket mouths. Can't wait.
  9. No reason. Just wanted more pork. lol. You can stuff it with any of your preference.
  10. Butterflied a pork tenderloin. Rubbed it with a typical BBQ rub. Spread a thin layer of ground sausage on the tenderloin followed by a thin layer of Havarti cheese. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Rolled it up tight and then wrapped with bacon. Put it in the smoker using hickory at 270°. After about 50 mins I started basting it with a chipotle beer BBQ sauce every 15 mins or so until the internal temp got to 140°f. Took it out and let it rest for about 15 mins before slicing.
  11. Stuffed a pork tenderloin with sausage and cheese. Wrapped it in bacon and threw it on the smoker. Dinner was good tonight. 😊
  12. My advice would be to go out and explore. Look at the bodies of water that you're interested in on Google maps and then go check them out. Good shore spots are hard to find these days so when people do find them they tend not to give them away. Also, there are plenty of conservation areas that offer decent shore fishing.
  13. You can also take off and flip the grate that is already on the buddy heater.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Looking forward to the hard water season.
  15. Hey guys. I'm looking into purchasing a used ATV that I would be using for ice fishing. I have never owned one before. I'm curious to know what I should be looking for in terms of requirements that an ATV must have to be able to perform well on the ice. Does it need to be a 4x4 or would 2 wheel drive work? What is the minimum CCs that I would need? What brands perform better in cold weather? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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