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  1. I have a pop up hut that has a small slit near the bottom of one of the walls caused by an auger blade. The slit is about 5 inches long. I was thinking about patching it up with just a piece of duct tape or gorilla tape. Has anyone had an issue similar to this and if so what did you use to fix the problem? Thanks.
  2. Last year on trout opener a CO standing on the other side of the stream let me text a pic of my licence to him so he could verify. Also had to cast my bait across the water to him so he could make sure I was fishing barbless.
  3. Who's starting to get excited for ice fishing season? I know the itch has started for me.
  4. I have ordered a few things from them. You get what you pay for. Don't expect good quality stuff and be patient as the orders usually take weeks to arrive. Also make sure you look at the shipping costs. Some times the shipping cost will exceed the cost of the product on small items.
  5. Who knew mermaids existed? 😄 https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/florida-fisherman-lost-at-sea-for-14-days-claims-he-was-sexually-assaulted-by-mermaids/?fbclid=IwAR0g5PjIlEm1YW7PMKG0UNqpc5PM6EVw6Cc-2zEz0yaU3mqkGYCX7W0XkRw
  6. Perch eyes are fine to use as long as you are harvesting the perch it came from. I tip my perch baits with eyes in the winter.
  7. "One check resulted in the vessel operator, Joshua Thomas, 27 years of age, of Hampton, being charged with having care or control of a vessel with cannabis readily available, contrary to the Cannabis Control Act. The officer seized 4 grams of cannabis according to police." I didn't know it was illegal to possess Cannabis in a boat?
  8. They got the guy. https://www.wxyz.com/news/boat-assault-cameras-roll-as-a-man-in-a-fishing-boat-rams-a-couple-on-a-yacht-in-lake-st-clair
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