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  1. you know your a redneck when..........lol...j/k.....looks great...best of luck!!
  2. make sure when installing it ...you install it in a dry place on yer boat....
  3. i've been to see louie a few times so far in my boating experience....hell we've even invite each other to family functions does great work on aluminum and stainless steel.....not too mention lower units!!!! last bump i had only cost me 400....and that was for a mangled skeg and two major dents on my prop...
  4. years ago on my dads old farm we saw one.....well my uncle stands back takes aim and BANG.... couldnt pick up this 30 lbs bundle of prickles...so uncle goes back to the farm grabs the tractor tie him up to the forks....bring him back...skinned him and quarted him brought back to toronto.....we gave it to the women to cook and told them it was rabbit ive never seen stew being eaten as fast as that stew was.... my mom kept saying to my dad.....why dont you guys go get some more rabbit...thats the tastiest ive ever had......lol..
  5. the actual rink isnt the issue here....its the size of the boards....if they take the boards down....it falls with in the city by-laws
  6. unfortunately the off gases will be in the room for quite awhile what type of stain did you use...alcohol based or oil based
  7. so how does one still keep his 'm'....wonder if i should go to the ministry and ask to keep it.... i rent a bike every now and then so this would really pee me off if they really in fact do this.....
  8. i have an 8 hp hi thrust yammy on my 1900 prov that sits along side my 200hp great little motor...awwwsome to troll with... id get that second motor!! also see if you can get the remotes for it too...it would be great to operate it from your driver seat
  9. i was just at citywides yesterday.....talk to louie....helluva guy mine looked a little bit more worse than yours does.....i asked lou to fix the skeg...he laughed and said what skeg!! good luck
  10. My 101 lbs thrust on my 19 ft Lund does bout 3.5 mph on calm water at full tilt With a decent chop I can get it up to bout 2 mph Havin said that, I'll get maybe 6 hrs running it at full tilt I would give it a go but get more power than the 80 lbs
  11. i wouldnt launch a canoe in the river...its a very fast river....i was surprised i was doin 7mph ....be careful out there
  12. enjoy your time....... my son turned 19 and found out about the opposite sex....doesnt wanna come fishn anymore
  13. i had the same problem with my motor bout 4 yrs ago....it was a simple fix my battery terminals were loose.... might wanna check that!!
  14. nothing beats fighting smallies!!!! awwwsome sho there bill how many feet of water were you fishing in??
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