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  1. Thanks Brian, looks like I need to get new sunglasses now so I’m gonna have to wait a while on this.
  2. Thank you sir, people like you are the reason I still have some sort of hope for our society.
  3. Thanks Brian, yeah these were a pair of Tom fords that would cost me like $800 to replace so I would be more than happy to pay $200 to get them back. I highly doubt it will happen but gotta try right. I just don’t understand some people, what kind of a lowlife do you have to be to take a someone’s prescription glasses, like what on earth would they even do with them, so frustrating.
  4. Actually I’d be willing to give a couple hundred bucks they’re very expensive glasses and they’re prescription so whichever scum took them will literally have no use for them. Which is why I am offering a reward. If they weren’t prescription lenses I wouldn’t have even made the post.
  5. You should take up comedy in your spare time 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but if anybody happened to find a pair of sunglasses in the port Severn area, please let me know. I am willing to offer a reward for it’s safe return. Thanks for any help. Ron
  7. I’ll be honest, I’m all for supporting local businesses but when it comes to quality and service, sail has them beat. I bought a $20 overpriced j13 rapala from a local store, lip broke first cast, owner won’t replace it. However sail would no questions asked and I have never had it happen from a sail store 🤷‍♂️
  8. Yeah that’s fine, how much are you looking to get for it?
  9. Thanks Brian, was looking at those but I wanted the exact model I had and he only has the two series under it.
  10. Hey guys, had this rod with a metanium a couple years ago, was my absolute favourite setup but unfortunately it got stolen last year at port Severn. Anyways, long story short, if anyone has or knows someone that has a used legend xtreme, please let me know, would love to rebuild the setup. Thanks, Ron
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, ended up buying a broil king cold smoker, price was good.
  12. Newmarket but I’ll drive if it’s what I’m looking for and price is right.
  13. Looking to buy a smoker, preferably electric, if anyone has anything please let me know. Ron
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