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  1. Hey Folks, just looking to see if anyone has a report for Mitchell’s Bay Area for ice fishing. This is my first weekend off work ... would like to try ice fishing but don’t want to travel all the way there if the ice/fishing is crap. TIA
  2. Selling our 2010 Mercury 8 HP 4 stroke with low hours. No issues with running this motor, cosmetically looks great ! working on making a video running it, I have two videos on YouTube for it. But will post a new video if possible during these cold days. Message for any further details. Price is negotiable- $1300. I’m the “second” owner the previous bought it and lost it 1 year later to me (divorce). Motor was NOT used from 2012-2018. Used 2019/2020 MAX 25 hours. Bought in 2011 VERY low hours. posted on other outlets
  3. Well no ... the walleye have definitely impacted the perch. If you look at the stats over the last 20 years in Lake Erie you can see the difference. Some places on Lake Erie might thrive better than others... but I live down near Wheatley/Leamington (worked for the MNR too) ... the perch are definitely dropping. Basically for the walleye, if the commercial guys + all the anglers catch their limits for the season (Lake Erie/Ontario side) ... it would be less than 1% of the population. Crazy stat yes but last year the MNR + a charter from Longpoint I believe put on a seminar about Lake Erie fish population. also if you speak to the commercial guys down here, they do nothing but complain about; - walleye + red drum (sheepshead). - perch numbers are down So it’s a catch 22 ... can’t have both striving like the walleye. But on the plus walleye smash gobies too - which the numbers don’t really show a decrease unfortunately. Eventually the walleye will drop and perch will rise again. But for now it’s some of the best walleye fishing in the country/NA.
  4. No I don’t Ice fish just looking for advice/pointers when the ice is gone
  5. There’s ice out there ? 😳🤯 first ice out probably like end of March early April. Hopefully I have the boat ready for that and my motor comes in 🤞 Thank you for the response I appreciated it. DR is def on the list this year for walleye so I’ll have to try for the perch too!
  6. Hi Everyone - would like to thank anyone who messaged me about the crappie inquiry at Rondeau. Another species Id like to get into are PERCH. I searched the thread “st Clair fishing” lots of musky posts. But when does the perch season really start ? Should I go out Mitchell’s Bay or Lighthouse Cove? Where I fish on Erie the perch are really slowing down because of the walleye. But hey I’m not complaining haha. Thanks for any information-
  7. Dan thank you very much for the response, I appreciate it. I definitely got hit with the fishing bug, probably because no ice where I’m at. But I will def be going up that way to try. I also practice catch/release with anything other than the walleye. But thanks again for the help!
  8. I’m just looking for info for the spring. Not ice- I’ll have to look up the info you gave. Thanks
  9. Hey Everyone ! Just wondering if any of you frequent rondeau bay ? I’m looking to get into to crappie this year- I live near Rondeau and was recently told to hit that area. I knew the bass/pike was good but never knew crappie. any suggestions ?
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