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  1. If you haven’t sat in a hedro for crows - that’s too bad. One of the smartest birds there is, acrobatic in the air more so than a goose/duck. Grew up learning to shoot, shooting crows. At one point farmers were paying guys to do it in Chatham. Now every farmer I’ve talked too is gun shy due to trespassing during coyote season. crows are listed as a nuisance who the hell eats them? Like saying people eat coyotes.
  2. Hello, If anyone has property south of London or up near Sarnia/Walladeburg that has crows flying constantly… please let me know. Message here or text. 226-280-5200 Spent the day in Essex county asking farmers to shoot crows. Many that I talk to haven’t seen much. I know Chatham Kent - Sarnia - Wallaceburg is full of them but it’s a ways to go for me to spend a day asking like today. It’s extremely sad seeing all the “no hunting” signs at farms. Most of the owners I spoke with were turned off because of the coyote hunters. They know who they are - trespassing doing whatever they want. So I got skunked today. If anyone knows of any areas let me know. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hey Everyone, just got back from Thunderbay, went up for opening rifle. Long story short we had rain non stop with tornado warnings. Worst hunting weather I’ve ever experienced. This trip was taken because we didn’t get a moose tag, went to visit a friend on private property. I now have booked the two weeks off in November for another rifle hunt. I’m struggling choosing an area to go and try. Does anyone have recommendations east of Sault Ste Marie, I don’t think driving out to Dryden/Kenora will be an option. Bruce mines ? Thessalon? I don’t want to know where your best spot is.. just would like recommendations or advice thanks
  4. Are you interested with the Jack plate ? Or no?
  5. DB1A9442-5FCF-40B2-AB46-5EE68A2C595F.jpeg
    I have a BRAND NEW 15 HP Suzuki LONG SHAFT outboard for sale. I bought this in April 2021, but the dealer didn’t tell me I needed a short shaft. I have put 7-8 hours roughly on it, using it in a creek here in Kingsville. I installed a Jack plate but I don’t like the look. ELECTRIC START ! Looking to sell the outboard ASAP to get a short shaft. Brand new $4,000 … Send an offer and we can discuss. just don’t low ball. Can text 226-280-5200 thanks
  6. Thanks BillM- I'm not experienced much with fishing so trying to learn as much as I can. I know how to troll for all these walleye down here, just learning to target new species. I'll have to just travel up and try. thanks!
    Hey Everyone, Earlier this year I asked about where to go Crappie fishing... was wondering if we are too late? Unfortunately I sold my outboard and the new Suzuki just got in last week, still need to break it in! But are the crappie still hanging around Rondeau or Shrewsbury? I saw some fantastic photos from early April just HOGS!!! TIA :D
  8. Haven't read the comments.. just the title of the post. Ramps around here are open... Essex County. Some in Windsor have been closed... but Lakeshore just opened up/minus the facilities. Kingsville is open at Cedar Beach... even if its closed someone down there cuts the chain every time. Was told Wheatley is open... Erieau is open.
  9. They most likely will extend it to "prevent" people from gathering. 🙄 But then Ontario Parks will lose a ton of money being the 2nd busiest weekend in the year for them... as long as they make the money.
  10. F0AB781A-63DD-4F14-9A40-C7AD76ACF3B1.jpeg
    It was ,,, upgraded Suzuki electric start
  11. I've been talking to locals for the last several months + some workers at the Park. It seems that May - June are the best time for getting after them. They do come up to shallow waters to spawn and by the lake map the bay is fairly shallow- not sure how accurate the map was but average was 3-4 feet. Stick to the edges sand/structure use slip bobbers etc. Shrewsbury always comes up in conversation, I'm not a local but I'm only an hour away. Good luck I also will be up that way that weekend! As long as the ramp stays open, which I think it will.
  12. Hey Folks, just looking to see if anyone has a report for Mitchell’s Bay Area for ice fishing. This is my first weekend off work ... would like to try ice fishing but don’t want to travel all the way there if the ice/fishing is crap. TIA
  13. B0A568B0-2F1B-485C-9035-77B81BD8DA17.jpeg
    Selling our 2010 Mercury 8 HP 4 stroke with low hours. No issues with running this motor, cosmetically looks great ! working on making a video running it, I have two videos on YouTube for it. But will post a new video if possible during these cold days. Message for any further details. Price is negotiable- $1300. I’m the “second” owner the previous bought it and lost it 1 year later to me (divorce). Motor was NOT used from 2012-2018. Used 2019/2020 MAX 25 hours. Bought in 2011 VERY low hours. posted on other outlets
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