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  1. Newbie trader here, quick question regarding stop limits. I purchased a bulk of stocks, only to see some of my purchases came in under my stop limit, but I'm wondering how that happens. Anyone? With regards to the stocks, I've made sure I've diversified my portfolio, and so far so good!
  2. I feel sorry for those that get duped into these scams, because im sure some do.
  3. I'll second or third the comment of this being a great read! Inspiring story. Thank you.
  4. Some invaluable information here guys. Thanks a ton. I've been catching up on the "Alone" series, and saw the Toronto boys wearing some Arcteryx jackets. So I looked it up, only to realize the price point wasn't for me. Lol I will however look into some of the other mentions you guys gave here.
  5. Thanks so far guys. I knew I was gonna have to spend a few hundred, just didn't feel right spending a grand for something I may have to pull out once or twice a year. Which was what I was originally told. I can justify a few hundred, especially if it can serve as a mutliseason jacket.
  6. As stated, something waterproof and breathable that won't break the bank. I've done a little research regarding suits, but maybe you guys have some other tips or pointers before I drop some coin.
  7. That's what happens when you can have your sponsor just give you a new jacket! Wash it?? Nahhhhh!!
  8. Thanks Bill, I should have stated that I have the hose already(thanks to my local FD). It's the larger of the 2 types they use, which looks like it should slide right over a 2X4. Maybe even a 2X6. I figure I'll slide it over whichever piece or wood I use, then pull it tight and staple or screw it down along the sides. Right or wrong way, I'm not too sure.
  9. Just wanted some insight, as I hear it's some pretty durable and slick stuff when wet.
  10. I have a similar TM, found wiring burnt at the switch contacts. (Loose terminals) tightened up, cleaned terminals, been mint ever since. One suggestion, if using a breaker, make sure it hasn't overheated and "opened" inside, leaving no voltage to pass through it. Check for voltage going in and out from your source to the under pedal switches. That should easily lead you to where your issue is. Good luck.
  11. Reading through this thread got me thinking. Not to veer off topic, but my outboard smokes abit, is this in direct relation to the amount of oil I'm mixing at? (50:1) or am I using a poor quality oil..... As for the OP, I'm going to check with my parts dept. with regards to the oil you're looking for, and get back to you regarding availability.
  12. Thanks Iron..... I think one tip that a buddy taught me long long ago was this..... (For the novice folks)...place your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel while backing up, This way, in your mind, whichever way you want the trailer to go, you steer accordingly. No need to cloud your mind with remembering left is right, and the opposite. This may relieve some stress of backing up.
  13. Lmao thanks for the laugh. I move trailers up to 53' daily. Shouldn't be an issue for me, but who knows. Off to launch now actually. Hereeee fishy fishy fishy!
  14. Stellar idea! If you don't need the new features an update will bring, or if it isn't crashing, as some do, then just leave it unless absolutely necessary.
  15. I could watch those all day! Awesome footage! Getting me all hyped for opener!!
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