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  1. Thanks again for all your comments. We went with these. I got them off amazon and I’m really happy with the fit and feel. Even though we wear them faithfully, I’m still not too keen on going down to the devils hole after that. We’ve tried fishing further down stream but it’s the same risk. I’m blown away at the rapid change in water level as well. We’ve kinda stayed away lately especially with the water getting much colder.
  2. I appreciate the comments. I like the thought of the auto inflate. The way they turn you over in case your unconscious. My son is in his early teens and a good swimmer but with that current and temperature of the water it was definitely an eye opener. We use a vest style when boating, but after all the videos I’ve watch, I will be switching them out as well.
  3. I was fishing with my son today at the Niagara Glen. I was helpless as I watched my son slip on algae and fall towards the fast rushing water. Thankfully he was able to catch his fall. He lost his rod, but more importantly he did not fall in. I will never fish near the river again until I find the best life vest I can for both of us. That moment was life changing. We both love fishing, and have never thought about life vests while fishing from shore. After playing the what if out in my mind, I realized I almost lost my son. I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone to give their opinions and recommendations. Id like to add. I’ve notice that several people have read this post without commenting. I’m just wondering if I’ve posted this question in the right place. I understand I can easily go and get advice from a store who will promote their products for the sale. I figured I would ask here and hopefully get responses from people who actually use the product I need.
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