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  1. Skipper is a man of many talents ! He took this and turned it into this, for me. An 8"X12" ice hut trailer.
  2. Is this the location you are talking about? Kawartha Prop Repair 1835 Adam and Eve Rd, Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 705-657-8752
  3. If you want one from costco shoot me a pm, I have a costco membership and we can meet up to get it for you. BTW: you bought a GREAT truck, trust me I know.
  4. Gores landing. Rice lake is a much better choice then chemong. The walleye are very few in chemong.
  5. If there is anyone still wanting free tickets for the show, PM me by 8pm tonight.
  6. That's not a tank, that's a freight train!!! What LB test line?
  7. Congrats on trailer skip. And yet ANOTHER boat. LOL A G2G would be great up at skippers, everyone gets their own boat to fish from.
  8. Had a friend up to the ice hut fishing. When he left he took all the perch with him. I didn't think his name was "perchslayer".
  9. Grab all the keys you can find in the house and try them out. You would be surprised at what will work.
  10. I bought some stuff off of him and got a GREAT deal. :thumbsup_anim:
  11. There goes Simon AGAIN, teasing all of us down here.
  12. No it wasn't. You missed me every time!

  13. Hey Roy, make sure to tie a 3 foot pole and flag on the top of your hat so we know where you are in the picture !! :tease:
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