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  1. It looks like Haldimand and Norfolk are using their own booking tool, not the provincial one, but they do offer online booking to people 70 and over (I have no idea how old you are): “The HNHU’s COVID-19 Vaccination Online Booking tool is now live. The online booking tool allows eligible candidates to book their vaccination appointment online at any of the mass clinic or hospital hub sites. The Online Booking tool is available here: https://hnhu.org/covid19vaccine/.” Source: https://hnhu.org/health-topic/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccination-rollout-in-haldimand-and-norfolk/ They also offer a stand-by wait list if you’re open to a short notice dash out for your vaccine. “The Haldimand-Norfolk Vaccine Task Force has launched a waitlist to ensure all available vaccine doses are administered. Currently, we are accepting the names and contact information for individuals who are aged 65-69 years (born in the years 1952-1956.)” www.hnhu.org/vaccinewaitlist If you are under 70, you may be able to book an AstraZeneca shot at a pharmacy (if you are at least 55 years old). There’s at least 3 pharmacies in each health unit. https://covid-19.ontario.ca/vaccine-locations
  2. There was no official flu season in 2020/2021, because the case counts remained below the threshold required to declare the start of one: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/flu-influenza/influenza-surveillance/weekly-influenza-reports.html
  3. Vaccinations in Ontario have focused mainly on congregate settings (long term care homes, for example) and front line health care workers and first responders. The general population isn’t receiving them in very many places yet. I think the wide-spread vaccinations of the over-85 group in the general population (rather than in congregate care) is expected to ramp up on or after March 15. Vaccinations for younger groups will be in 5-year successive groupings after each older age group has been offered their shot. They may jump right down to the 60-65 age group for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and work down from there with that one. Right now, if a person in Ontario were to receive their 1st shot tomorrow, their 2nd shot (and maximum immunization) could be as far away as early July. Ontario has decided to delay the second dose by up-to-4 months and use the currently available doses as 1st shots for more people. I would not be expecting the hoopla in Ontario to be ended by May. The majority of people you encounter in Ontario in May will not have been vaccinated, unless something really changes with the pace.
  4. source: https://medicine.usask.ca/facultydev/Wellness/covid-19---humour-to-get-us-through.php
  5. When you once said they could store the Pfizer vaccine right on the porch, I took it is a joke, but that -69 windchill is pretty darn close!
  6. Do you guys have mechanical meat slicers, or do you use knives?
  7. Is it this? https://roadshow.com.au/titles/movies/roadshow/2020/rams
  8. I happened to do a multi-year renewal back just before the crap hit the fan (fall birthday). I’m glad it’s one thing I don’t have to be worried about in the midst of all this, and for that reason I don’t feel ripped off whether they collect fees for 2020, or not. It’s water under the bridge in my situation.
  9. It seemed so promising with the cold snap way back in November.
  10. Yes, except for the brussel sprouts part. 😉
  11. Is there a way to use the fish finder GPS to mark and return to the “glory hole” you found while roaming around out on the ice? Or is a separate handheld GPS unit more useful for that?
  12. The end of March is 3 months plus 4 days from now.
  13. The study timing info in that link states: Actual Study Start Date :December 7, 2020 Estimated Primary Completion Date :March 2021 Estimated Study Completion Date :March 2021 I guess more info will be available then.
  14. There are two assertions in there: “social distancing is useless” and “Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever” Together, they don’t seem to reconcile with the change in influenza cases in Canada this fall/winter over other years: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/flu-influenza/influenza-surveillance/weekly-influenza-reports.html I wonder which of those assertions is wrong? Or would there be some other reason for the case drop? Is it all attributable to hand-washing? Coughing into sleeves instead of hands? Border closures? No more handshaking? The rest is mostly just a repetition of the “economic health” vs “vulnerable population health” argument. There is no mention of the significant socioeconomic impacts of a health-care system that gets completely overwhelmed with patients, or has insufficient health-care staff to keep up with the demand that arises from everything, including COVID-19. Many of Canada’s provincial health care systems are on the verge apparently, and it is my understanding that “flattening the curve” by “stopping the spread” in order to protect the health care system is the current driver behind the public health measures.
  15. I almost get woozy looking at the picture with the ground far, far below. That’s impressive.
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