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  1. MJIG

    Moving North? Things to consider

    Pizza delivery - many places are out of range, if delivery of anything is important to you and you take it for granted in the city.
  2. MJIG

    Moving North? Things to consider

    Many considerations have been well-described earlier in this thread, but here’s a few more: Hard well water may require a water softener unit/treatment. Garbage pickup availability? How far is it to the nearest landfill? You may also want/need a few additional tools/gadgets that may not be needed in a city home/condo: lawn tractor, chain saw, utility trailer, snow blower, tree pruner, sump pump, water infiltration alarms, ladders, surveillance/security. It may turn out that your road isn’t one of the first plowed if homes along the route are sparse or no school buses need to travel along it, but it may be tough to know this in advance unless you talk to would-be neighbours. Repairmen/contractors may add travel charges if it’s an exceptionally long drive to get to your place from their place.
  3. MJIG

    cooking thread...

    I feel very differently. Texting is a welcome, great achievement in communication. Telephoning - even the pre-cellphone regular telephone - was always a very interruptive technology. If you were in the middle of dinner, and the phone rang, people stopped whatever they were doing to go answer the phone. Texting allows you to exchange the necessary information quickly and easily. Most people text at a flat rate cost across the entire country. I remember the horror of the old days of telephone long distance charges, and having to wait until the Sunday cheap rates kicked in just to find out anything about what was going on between friends and family. Families (parents and their children) disperse across the province, country and globe, and texting allows them all to disseminate nuggets of their lives to each other, unintrusively and easily, almost as though they were still together. They keep each other informed. It’s not as good as being together in person, but at least the information can still flow between them quickly and constantly. Unfortunately, some people lose their hearing as they age, or have it degrade to the point of asking for repeating constantly. Texting allows them to maintain communication. Texting also helps bridge the huge gap between the deaf and the hearing communities in a way not possible in the 20th century. The age 14 to 30 group use texting as a very important part of their communications repertoire because they’ve had it available all along. They won’t shift back to the communication models of the 1900’s.
  4. MJIG

    DIY Trading/Investing

    That's because whenever you see this: You're hoping it's going to turn into this (and almost everyone carries a certain amount of wishful-thinking , if not a small spark of hidden, inherent greed): But, all too often, it is actually the start of this : and we are all human beings.
  5. MJIG

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    What species would the Blue Pike in that ad have been?
  6. MJIG


    I saw one of the participants on the 2018 show in Mongolia catch several large leeches in a “fish trap” in stagnant water on this week’s episode. He ended up consuming the leeches themselves (cooked) , but with the grayling in the area, I wonder if he wouldn’t have been much better off using them as bait? Another guy built and wove a landing net that worked as intended to land fish.
  7. A CBC report on how fishing can be used to help people Fishing Therapy
  8. MJIG


    You have to train your pet iguana, named Remora, to ride on your dog near the back of the neck, and train your dog to tolerate her doing so. You won’t have to buy any iguana food until after deer fly season is over.
  9. After years, a father and son were reunited after they both happened to post to the same fishing forum...
  10. MJIG

    Wind storm

    Blue coloured recycle bins.
  11. MJIG

    Wind storm

    Did anyone else lose some shingles or worse yesterday? I know I did.
  12. MJIG

    New ice

    Some of the Kawartha Lakes had a fresh skim of brand new ice across them this morning.
  13. MJIG

    A couple of eaters

    Why do you think that is? Competition maybe - they figure that they better not examine it for too long or one of their companions might beat them to it? The singles, on the other hand, can take all the time they want for a close examination followed by, apparently, rejection.
  14. MJIG

    leader for frogging?

    Several years back, when I used a type of hollow plastic frog that had life-like legs out the back, pike would repeatedly take the back legs off completely with their initial chomp and/or puncture the plastic so that it would fill up with water. I went through 5 in one afternoon and gave up on the tactic of using those things in pike waters. We were after largemouth at the time. I would rather have lost the entire thing, I think.
  15. Not much to say other than "wow" FrostFreeze Map