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  1. Such a great tactic for this time of year. I was slaying them last weekend with a 3inch tube on a Ned rig dragging the bottom. The slower the better this time of year!
  2. Holy Cow it looks like it ate another rainbow lol
  3. Thanks guys. Tried to register at spoonpullers but have been waiting a while for activation. probably looking at around a 19 footer deep v less than 20k as I don’t want to get too much boat to begin with but something that can handle the lake. Don’t plan on going in rough weather but I know it can turn on a dime.
  4. Hi Everyone, The past few summers Ive been doing Charters on Lake O in the summer for Kings and I feel like this summer its time to take a plunge and start learning on my own because obviously Im hooked. Problem is I've never owned a boat or trolled on my own and I consider myself a complete newbie to it.Can anyone point me to some good resources on the best beginner boat and as well as resources on learning how to troll for salmon. I figure if I start in November, by spring I will have just enough knowledge to not get totally ripped off on a boat and not look like a fool setting up downriggers or dipsy's lol.
  5. Wasn't bad but also wasn't cheap lol, 475USD plus tip for a morning for a single. I think thats about the going rate for singles or doubles. Fun day all around
  6. Would be worth it to see you bring in a Tarpon in the toon!
  7. AG4A8183.jpg
    Finally got back to Clearwater Florida for a couple of weeks after missing last year due to the Pandemic. We stay at a cottage near Indian Rocks beach and always get some fishing in. Outside the usual Whiting, Jackfish and Catfish off the surf I was able to get out on the boat for some nearshore for some Snook and Bull Redfish hunting. While the Bulls weren't having any of what I would throw, the Snook were on fire! Landed two including my personal best 42inches and got cut off by about 5 more as they dove and broke me off before I could bring them up. Awesome time and cant get to go back in May for some Tarpon!
  8. This statement bothers me. It's like something someone from north korea would say
  9. 2 Cabins built by hand and I'm over here getting confused putting together my toddlers toys lol
  10. Had the day off so decided to head down the street and check out Petro Canada Park in Bronte. I had never been so I wanted to see what the salmon run there was like and maybe have a couple casts. I arrived to 20 fishermen crowded around a small pool casting to the same couple of fish, guys in waders chasing around salmon in half inch water and tons of salmon with slit bellies rotting on the side of this tiny creek. Needless to say I will never go back. Where is the sport or fun in this though? It was disgusting.
  11. Welcome back and congrats on turning your life around! Sweet Muskys!
  12. Was at Port Credit last night and I think all the Bronte guys were there as it was shoulder to should on the rocks. No fish jumping or being caught either. Just a bunch of guy in the darkness chucking spoons into the abyss lol
  13. Dang it I was gonna ask if it was being enforced. I wanted to check out the pier in downtown oakville and Bronte tonight
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