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  1. Always excited when I see Drifter has replied to this post to see the latest updates!
  2. Ahh makes sense. Good to see it was on your own terms and you are doing what you enjoy! Ive been on this board a long time and while I dont post as much as others I do read and I have always enjoyed your knowledge and insights!
  3. Very cool Lew! Dumb question and I may have missed the answer. Why did you quit fishing? Always loved your muskie reports
  4. You are Trents uncle?! So cool! Im a huge Jays fan and have been saying how good Trent has been this year. One of the few bright spots on the team!
  5. Just a tragic story for everyone involved
  6. The Flu SHot wont help against the Stomach Flu (not an actual flu) But yeah in general everyone should get a flu shot anyways because the real flu is much more serious
  7. With all the good fishing shows on Youtube now and the classic saturday morning global lineup I dont miss WFN at all!
  8. Try fumbling around for a gun and then aiming and discharging while you are being jumped or someone sneaks up on you and tell me how that works out..jeez
  9. The bailouts were exchanged for stock which the Government sold a few years ago (at a loss). GM doesn't have any debts to the government. Just to clear that misconception up
  10. Its the shift in the economy. We've moved from a manufacturing economy to an information based economy. Has happened all through history and is part of progress. Yes its always terrible when people lose their jobs but unemployment is low and companies like Microsoft announce investments and job creating into the ontario economy to offset the manufacturing losses.
  11. Congrats on doing it! Never understand people who pay to have a good time and then look for reasons to not have a good time lol
  12. If you are investing long term > 10 years max out your TFSA and put that money in index funds as long term the market outperforms all assets even real estate. Take advantage of dollar cost averaging by putting money in each month. Rebalance periodically based on your risk tolerance. A good guide for which funds to buy check out www.canadiancouchpotato.com . If you need your money sooner than that put it in a high interest GIC or High Interest Savings account to make sure you don't lose anything when you need it out.
  13. This is great! Love carp fishing and the kids go nuts when the beasts just start ripping line. Always a fun day out!
  14. Loved watching fish'n canada, izumi and Canadian Sportfishing with italo and Henry growing up.
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