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  1. Wish my wife let us do that at our wedding!
  2. The problem with getting one of those rods is that they are way too nice to fish with! Would prob end up in my den as an art piece. Beautiful stuff
  3. It was a pretty cool tribute thread to a guy who contributed a lot here over the years. Any way to recover it?
  4. The thread should've actually been shut down a while ago. Not sure why we have rules against political posts but some are allowed and some aren't.
  5. To be fair we are now always connected to our work through our laptops and smart phones and pretty much expected to be on call 24/7. So if thats an expectation then we should be allowed to surf the internet a while at work. I always say that you can do what ever you want as long as the work gets done.
  6. I thought this thread was about the end of the growing season in Niagara by reading the title
  7. The real world is not peachy keen but the one here where I come to talk about fishing should be
  8. If only the mods would stick to the no political posts rule. Love talking fishing here. Hate talking politics. I mean there are a million toxic political boards for that. Fishing is my escape from that garbage but it seems that the toxic political talk takes that away here.
  9. Once again it's great to see the anti immigrant stance of a lot of members on this board. Threads like these make me wonder why I stick around here as you see the true colours of some people. Guess Im a glutton for punishment. Waiting for the inevitable "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" from the usual suspects.
  10. People tend to only follow others on social media that are like minded and of similar opinions
  11. Yay another political post! Also good to see the usual Nationalists are out in full force! I wish the nationlists here would understand what Free Speech actually means as laid out by the charter of rights or even the american Constitution but oh well these are the same people who feel an old hockey coach commenting on a hockey broadcast has the right to say or do what he wants on matters not related to hockey without repercussions.
  12. I dont know anymore lol. I hate the cold Im a wimp Ill admit it thats why I need to move to florida. That and the year round soft water fishing
  13. Well we both pretty much had the same point on this one lol My sarcasm was for the curmudgeons who are always complaining kids aren't tough enough like in their day
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