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  1. Interesting map...shows real time. For some reason I didn't see Canada in the list on the left...but illustrating cases in the graphic. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  2. https://lodgeeightyeight.com/ https://lochisland.com/
  3. Terrible news...I believe we stopped in there when we last visited Stony Lake. Smaller bait and tackle stores are gems from another time. If I recall correctly it was stop #2...after Flannigan's Butcher Shop which we visited almost every day. A little off subject, but I noticed Lakefield is also listed as 'Selwyn'. Just interested, but why is that? I figured you know, Lew. Thanks.
  4. Why come at me like that? Having a bad day? I was simply inquiring to try and understand the power of pull ice fishing provides. I wasn't judging...or accusing anybody of driving drunk or being a careless idiot...just trying to understand the balance of risk/reward BECAUSE I'm not an ice fisherman...hence the post. Thanks AK'...appreciate your perspective.
  5. Having never meaningfully been ice fishing before (twice many years ago, on a small lake with about 1.5 feet of ice on it), I have to ask a question that seems to have no reasonable answer. Why would you take such considerable risk for you and others to simply go out fishing for a few hours? I can't imagine you surround the remainder of your life or hobby pursuits with such risk, or play with loaded guns, or drive excessively fast in traffic, or worst of all drive while impaired. Leaves me scratching my head why you would tempt tragedy to just go fishing.
  6. The clip is only a little over 2 minutes long.
  7. My dog just heard a whisper of it and started barking in a very protective way. My guess would be a wolf with a bad boy howl. I wouldn’t be around to find out though that’s for sure.
  8. As an American, I see racism everyday across all ethnic and racial sectors...and it flows in all directions, make no doubt about it. Help me out...I don't understand the contention with the 'milk and honey' reference. In most cases, it implies a position of comfort and the good life, as in "here in the land of milk and honey". If immigrants are coming to enjoy 'the good life' in another place, well I guess that's why they left their home and what they perceived as a 'not so good life'. Fair enough...borders are still open last I checked. As long as they do it legally, I have no issue with it. My guess is there is a perception he's targeting a sector of people (not all peoples), but not living there I'm not sure who that may be. Hey...life's hard enough...live and let live. Show respect for those who have sacrificed for you...no matter who that may be or what they may be doing for you today or have done for you in the past. It's not political or racial...it's human.
  9. Do you live in Canada or the UK? Hard to tell sometimes when in Canada...one may think they're in the UK with all the adoptions. UK = Boot, US/Canda = Trunk UK = Petrol, US/Canada = Gasoline The thing that throws me most is calling electric service 'hydro'. Have never been able to get used to that. Like I said, who really cares...as long as there is some recognition of what someone is talking aboot... ?
  10. When I first went to Pigeon Lake in 1975 we referred to them as 'pickerel'. Through time (and living in Cleveland where in Lake Erie they have always been 'walleye') I simply converted to calling them walleye. But, in the interest of accuracy, I wouldn't call a Dog a Cat, or a Blue Jay a Robin, or an Elephant a Rhino. Who really cares...take a rest on the davenport and consider the convenience of your motorcar until this subject comes around again.
  11. I've been fishing Kipawa for almost 20 years and I certainly wouldn't call it a pike lake. There are pike in there, but generally pretty few and far between and I've never seen anything over 35"-40". Most of the outfitters do not offer American Plan, though a couple do up around the Laniel area of the lake. And I will offer that Kipawa is a great lake, but it takes more than a few years to really learn the body of water and patterns of the fish depending on weather, fronts, time of day, etc. Hate to say it, but to get into the pike fishing I think you're looking for is not cheap. Congrats on fishing Knee and Scott lakes...those two are on my bucket list. Good luck.
  12. Thanks for the references guys; checked out the Scotty and the only thing I believe may be an issue is that it does NOT have a counter on it. There is another portable called a Cannon that has a built-in counter. I'm not a downrigger/troller, so how important is it to have that counter? Would seem to be pretty important to me...but I'm just guessing. Thanks again...
  13. I have a nephew on my list this year that would like a "portable downrigger" for Christmas. This would be used primarily for fishing suspended lakers and would likely be attached to a 16-foot Naden camp boat. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Timely as I was thinking the same thing; my issue is this... So I have this 'deflated' life jacket on and I feel protected. Then something happens and I need it to work. What are my assurances it will inflate? Or, more disturbing, what if it DOESN'T inflate when I need it too. Seems like you'd be screwed. I don't know...not sure I trust a CO cartridge to go off when I tell it to. Are there "padded" life vests that aren't so bulky? I know it's always "inflated" at least.
  15. Am very familiar with Lac Kipawa and I'll offer this; it's a massive lake and takes some time to learn. I've seen more than a few groups go into this lake thinking they're going to just whip a jig down or start trolling and the fish will eat it up. That's simply not the case. It took us at least 5-years to start having some reasonable success, and I still learn a lot from experience and what others teach me every year...with 2018 being our 19th year going there. If you're up to the challenge, go for it as the lake has spectacular beauty. If you're looking for a bit of a "sure thing" (does that even exist?), you may want to head north until the road ends...and boat-in from there. Coming from Michigan, you should be looking toward Wabitongushi or Esnagi Lake. Couple links below... http://lodgeeightyeight.com/ https://lochisland.com/
  16. Fished it for a week about 20 years ago. There are no meaningful fish left to be caught...then...and likely not now. Beautiful territory but no fish. There are recent reports out there that can substantiate that.
  17. Nice read. As a VP of Marketing I had to see their web site and how they were promoting the Vick Lake outpost so I checked it out. First...if they grossly misrepresent that outpost I'd bet ALL their descriptions and claims are grossly exaggerated. Second, there are laws about using descriptors like "new" to describe what is being offered. I'd bet anyone with business counsel experience would confirm those descriptions are misleading and should be changed or face an injunction. Third, I'd tell the outfitter you want some of your money back. Spending that much only to find you've been totally mislead is disgraceful. Remind him it's easy and costs nothing to let the world know of his misrepresentation...and bad PR for a business that counts almost solely on it for marketing would likely make you an offer. Then again maybe they don't care now...they have your money and know you're never coming back.
  18. Bocaygeon...Pigeon Lake. About 1.5 hours NE of TO. Small and largemouth bass...muskies...walleye...perch...panfish. Give Norm at Trail's End a call....
  19. OK...I re-read the rules...don't see where any breach occurred. I was simply commenting how it seemed odd there was not GENERAL info about lake, outfitter review (didn't have to post name), cost, fishing behavior at the time, techniques tried and results. Didn't request info on specific locations, etc. I guess it would be silly to expect or request that type information in a public manner on a public fishing discussion board. But then again, to expect a "fishing report" NOT to report that type of information seems absurd.
  20. Still don't get it. What's to keep secret? From your report you traveled 6-hours for serviceable cabins and marginal fishing in an environment that looks like the hand of man has written its story over it for many, many years...complete with lowhead dam, environment feature signage, and a quaint walking bridge. I wouldn't think there will be a mad rush by Forum members to get there this season...or probably ever. I think your secret is safe. Many (most) other forums fishing reports are complete with lake, outfitter profile / pricing, depth fish were most active at, presentation techniques that worked best, etc. I respect your position though. Thanks.
  21. Cool report...that storm is crazy! You never mentioned where you were...actually read like you were purposely trying not to indicate where you were. Why?
  22. A little above the price point as you're in peak summer, but stellar place with great dock fishing, wonderful kids / adult activities (even tubing, etc.), nice built-in pool and just a gorgeous part of the world. We went here when my kids were young and they loved it. May be out of the price range, but if you can extend that a bit you can't go wrong here. http://www.pinevista.com/
  23. Still... I'm flabbergasted that Canadians know this much about the American political system, and seemingly have deep-seated opinions about it. Do they teach it in school up there or something?
  24. Millennials with nothing better to do than cry and pout when they don't get their way. They don't like to work unless it's on their terms (meaning come in late, leave early, and spend the day on Facebook). They believe protesting is just as important as working...crying out for someone to recognize something they say as being valuable or worthy...which it rarely is. I"m sure this will ruffle some, but I'm only going on what I see around me. I've stop hiring Millennials which is sad, but a few bad apples have spoiled it for all the rest. I heard a quote from a Millennial in Portland that stated they're setting an example for all Americans on how to stand up for what is right. What a joke. Since when is destruction of property and assault 'right'? How about stand behind a lawfully elected official...and don't throw a tantrum when your candidate loses.
  25. I'm amazed this many of you have knowledge, and opinion, and seem to quite passionate about all of this. When Canada has an election, I'd bet there's only a handful of people in the US that have any idea of who is even running, or any knowledge of how the system works. I'd bet there is even less a chance that anyone cares. Don't worry...as I've said before....Donald Trump won't be running the country. He'll certainly take credit for the successes and failures within his tenure though. As an American, it was clear Hillary tried (and almost succeeded) to buy the election. And if I would have had to withstand four years of hearing her shrieking voice I would have surely moved to your side of the border. Donald or Hillary...really doesn't matter much. Life here in the states rolls on...as it has for many, many presidential elections.
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