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  1. I don't have the opportunity to frequent this board (or any other) as often as I'd like, so I undoubtably miss out on some things that the dedicated reviewer would know from daily perusals. Anyway, I was just curious...I've noticed that many of you have adopted the 'Believe' statement within/next to your signature. Is this a campaign of some sort, or to serve as a reminder to keep Speedtroll's son Chris in your thoughts/prayers? What a heartwrenching story...it's good to see OFC is doing what it can to, once again, add pleasure to life. Just curious on the 'Believe' thing.... Thanks.
  2. Well, here's what I found out regarding my car with the heating problems from the NF post I had last week titled 'Auto Insights Needed'. Once again, I'd like to thank all of you for your insights and opinions regarding my auto heating issues. In total, you were all right, in a way. It turned out I was a bit low on coolant, but not much. It could have been from leakage, but it seems I just topped it off recently. Anyway, the official diagnosis was a bad left head gasket. I guess this has been a consistent issue with Subaru Outbacks....especially this model year. So, as part of this repair, I’ll get a new left head gasket, new head bolts, head machining (if necessary), new valve cover gaskets, new left intake gasket, new timing belt, new thermostat, radiator flush and fill, oil/lube/filter. They can’t even get the parts needed until Thursday, as accordingly to Subaru “there is a run on head gaskets for that engine right now”. Maybe there will be a recall or something and I can get reimbursed. I doubt it though. I’ll get all this done, and it'll be my luck that the right one will blow. Oh well, so it goes. In the grand scheme of things, this really isn't anything I'll get too upset over. There are a lot worse things that can happen on any given day...a lot worse. Thanks again all...
  3. Thanks for all the insights...I knew this group would gladly share the wealth of experience and knowledge you have. I'm going to try and to see if the 'stat is stuck tonight. KW Mike...I hope you're right on those odds. I've heard others say head gasket. That's just not cheap...and would likely lead me to invest in total overhaul while it's apart. That, I'm sure, would approach $2K. Ugh... Once again...thanks to you all...very helpful advice. I'll post the diagnosis from the dealer when I know on Monday.
  4. Okay....here's what I can tell you from your suggestions of diagnosis I did last night. If sitting at a light and the car is idleing and I can feel the heat coming out of the vents getting cooler, I revved the engine and it definitely warmed up right away. This morning, I was traveling about 75 mph for about 15-miles and looked down to see my temp gauge at the red line. I hadn't noticed that before this morning. So, I let off the accellerator and coasted for about 1/4 mile, and the temp fell back to normal in about 5-seconds. It rose again about 5-minutes later, then as I kept the RPM lower, the temp went down to normal quickly. I put a piece of cardboard under the engine last night to check for leaks...this AM I noticec 3 drops of something on it...not oil, but couldn't tell if it was coolant/anti-freeze...nearer the back of the engine toward to firewall. So, there you go. Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yes SlowPoke, it does have a fresh/reciculate switch...but I couldn't tell any real difference from on to off on that. It's been so dang cold here though that I'm not sure my test environment was secure enough to detect the difference. And Davew3, there are no stupid statements when it comes to me managing an auto engine related issue. And no, I haven't checked to be sure the fans were circulating, but I will...great suggestion. You see, something so 'common sense' slips right by me. I'm going to check all these items when I get out of the office this evening. I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow. Thanks for the insights...I really appreciate the help.
  6. I've heard others say "you probably have a bubble or air in your system". I've also consistently heard "fuel pump". Just so I know, how do you get an "air pocket" or bubble in your system? Thanks.
  7. Sorry for the non-fishing thread, but I know there's a lot of activity on this board and a lot of insightful and resourceful members to this great community. With it being very cold lately, this issue has become more pressing. I have a 2001 Subaru Outback. When the car is warmed up and I have the heat temp to 'full heat' and the fan blowing (on any speed, I only get warm heated air when the car is moving. When the car is stopped, like at a traffic light, the air still blows, but is obviously not heated as it is cool again. Once I start moving...boom....warm air again. I've already checked the coolant level and it's fine. Any insights on what may be causing this? I'd hate to take it to the dealer, as I'm sure they'll say it's the timing belt, head gasket, thermostat, heater core, and every hose on the cart. "That'll be $4,200...thank you very much." Thanks for you insights and opinions...I really appreciate the help. And again, sorry for the non-fishing thread.
  8. Yeah...from what I see that thing is not going anywhere for awhile. This refreshes every 90-seconds...so those of you at work still can "monitor" the progress. Whoops...forgot link. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/traveller...era/camhome.htm
  9. Yes it is...has been for about the past 5-days or so, not very long. See www.torbay.net and look at the web cam 'live dock view'.
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