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  1. Hundreds of guests on The Maid of the Mist? Not likely...maybe a hundred...likely less than than that. Typical media sensationalism. In all of this I'm still amazed at how the media just continues to twist and blow on the fire to get people jumping...and they still jump. This picture may have been taken when the Hornblower was coming out of dock. Or even last year. It's impossible anymore to read the media and believe it's even close to being true...let alone a source that admittedly credits social media for their content. I know one thing that can be certain...IF that picture is true I'd bet the CDN businesses in Niagara Falls that are missing out on the US tourism dollars are hurting badly. I'm aware of outfitters in Canada that are at 10% of 2019 revenue....some less than 10%. How long do you think their business will survive on that? Maybe not even through this year. You may not have the virus, but eventually some won't have anything else either. And what value does this media story provide anyway? Only a stroking of Canadians that "we are right, and they are wrong". That serves no one, and solves nothing. I love Canada and it's people, but the American bashing as "dirty" and "dumb" about this virus in the CDN media is getting old. And using broad strokes to paint a micro-section of a population is just careless...and even dumber.
  2. Supposed to be on my way to trip #1 of this year north of the border up in the Temiscaming / Temagami area. Clearly...that's not happening. I see it's warm(er) up there lately...have the skeeters and black flies come out yet? I know what I'm missing in the fishing...but not what I'm thankful I'm missing with the bugs. Thanks for the update.
  3. What happened to Mike Borger and his son?
  4. You Trump bashers make me laugh...and believe me, I'm not a fan of Trump, but HE is hardly to blame in any of this. Since when does a world problem that originated from who know's where - - China will never tell, become his fault? As a neighbor of the US, it sounds like you are blaming the US that Canada has the C19 virus within it's borders. Just like anyone...when you can't accept any of the blame yourself, you just point at someone else. But I get...some people like to bash others just to make themselves feel better...it's part of human nature.
  5. Blame game...never a good look... I certainly don't have the answers, and the news outlets are certainly no place to look for them. But I know this...I'm smart enough to walk away from a debate filled with opinions and inane stances against a government or people.
  6. Seems pretty clear you're blaming the US for all the issues surrounding this pandemic. And clearly again, your superior intelligence is on display.
  7. Well, if 11% of the US knows more about the world outside than every Canadian we'd have more people that know more. What is this, a "we're smarter than you" playground spat? None of it really matters as I don't care where you come from or how educated or uneducated you are, it's not my role in this life to put people in boxes and judge them....or disparage them as a group. I'd say it's more important to just try and be a good person in today's challenging world than to know who the Chancellor of Germany is today...
  8. You have to remember that here in the states we're about 2-3 weeks ahead of Canada on the curve; this is clearly evident in my business of medical equipment and the push of demand now coming hard from up north...fully back to business as usual in the US. And I believe your assessment is not an apples to apples comparison as 'getting back to normal' is now on the radar here...where as 2-3 weeks ago it was fully 'hunker down and stay in place'. I find it curious also the amount of attention Canadians spend "watching" what the US is doing politically and be able to compare and debate it with accuracy (most of the time)...now in the context of COVID-19. Ask Americans what's going on in Canada and 99% would have absolutely no idea...fewer would be even able to tell you who the PM is... That's neither right or wrong...just a fact.
  9. Without a doubt, that is the strangest 'old saying' you will ever hear claimed in your life.
  10. Just now announcing Ohio going on 'lockdown' at 1PM tomorrow...details still coming out. And yes Misfish...being diligent is all you can do to protect yourself.
  11. I hope so too. And by all reports...this is going to get a LOT worse before it gets any better. Unless I have to go to the grocery, I'm not going out in public besides walking the dog. I see news reports of people still going shopping at stores (Target, others) that remain open. Other than food...why would you go shopping and risk the exposure?
  12. If everyone is sick and you can't run the TP factory...then no TP. And that's not good.
  13. Interesting map...shows real time. For some reason I didn't see Canada in the list on the left...but illustrating cases in the graphic. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  14. https://lodgeeightyeight.com/ https://lochisland.com/
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