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  1. Does anyone out here really think the President of the U.S. actually "runs" the country? Or determines policy? Or even has a real "agenda" to push? You want to be nominated for president in the U.S.? All you really need is money...and a lot of it. Without it, you have no chance...and I mean none. Donald or Hillary. Doesn't really matter...they're not running the country.
  2. Been there last 17 years in late July and always get fish. Some years silly good...others just ok. If you're staying down around the town of Kipawa good luck. Don't hear of great success down there ever. We jig fish 99% of the time and I don't believe I see that in your plan. Different time though. Beautiful lake...very expansive...thousands of spots...but which one is on is the game.Took us about 6-7 years to dial it in. Good luck.
  3. Indeed on playing the games to find out. Should be a heck'of a series. Tribe will not have 2 of their 5 starting pitchers going forward, but that hasn't slowed them yet. Can't wait for Friday to get this thing started...
  4. You know what they say...be careful what you ask for...you surely will get it. Most Tribe fans I've talked to are happy to get Toronto over Texas...personally I couldn't care less...they're on a mission as evidenced by the sweep of Boston. Bring your best...you're gonna need it... Go Tribe!
  5. Well...if that's doing very well I'd stay home. Sterling we've fished Kipawa mainly late summer for 17 years. This year we caught over 1,200 walleye in six days...so the fish are there. Not sure where you can get a cabin this time of year but the SE end of the lake is off the charts crazy good. Have to know what you're doing as it can be challenging, but when they're on the bite it gets silly. Good luck...
  6. He's been going again by just Prince for some time now. Sad day. Grew up with him on every stereo while in college, but never really appreciated the talent until Super Bowl performance. Queue it up...and enjoy it to reflect and remember how fleeting life can be. Embrace every moment.
  7. Nice. I love Toronto, but only visit there...not sure I could live there for all the reasons listed. It's my dream to retire in Canada (live in states) for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to get into an environment that is much-less pressure cooked....and the fact that living in the U.S. anymore is just downright frightening (take a look at our current presidential campaign for proof). For me, Haliburton and north, but probably not too far north of the Timmins latitude. That is unless I land in Nipawin, SK....can't be much going on up there...which is the #1 goal...
  8. Wow...what a spectrum of insight...or something. Going back to the original post, I have to ask; do you actually believe what you hear from the news about who is doing what, saying this, or planning that is actually anywhere close to the truth? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! That's putting faith in a communication channel that deserves none...really less than none. Even better, believing anything that comes out of the mouth of a "world leader" or politician? Live each day as it's your last. One day it will be. You can't worry about this Bull....most of which is created to generate money to line the pockets of...yep...world leaders, politicians, and YES...news agencies. As Bruce Springsteen once, said, "Don't tell me the rich don't know, Sonny...that sooner or later it all comes down to money."
  9. Looking to get a nicer tactical flashlight than the Ultrafire cheapie I have now and researching on the web is a vortex of contradicting info. I figure with all the hunters and night fishing done by the members here there would be some good recommendations to be had. I'm not looking to spend more than $50 (maybe a bit more if necessary) on it as these things can get up to $200 in the blink of an eye. Optimal balance between cost, reliability, and lumens would be great. As always, I appreciate the insights in advance. Thanks.
  10. Great info guys...thanks so much. I'll let you know how we do...
  11. I have two Believers in my box...and one of them just happens to be a jailbird. Thanks Lew, and thanks guys...appreciate it.
  12. Haven't been up to Pigeon Lake since 1999, but me and a couple buddies are finally making our long-awaited return there this weekend for mostly relaxing, but of course some fishing too. Will be up a the north end out of Trails End Lodge. Not asking for locations or anything like that, but what can we expect in terms of finding walleyes and bass (either smallies or large)? Any general insights like 'suspended', 'deep', 'hugging breaklines', etc. would be helpful. And, if we're using live bait, would minnows, crawlers, or leeches be the better bet? Not even sure if you can still get leeches this late in the year. Plan on hitting Mark's Worm Warehouse on the way in to get our licenses and bait. We're going to try running some baits for muskies, but we're not holding our breath there...just hoping for lightning to strike in the form of a 'ski if we're lucky enough. Weather forecast is looking awesome...early-autumn at its best. We simply can't wait to get there... We're driving 8-hours each way for this and hopefully can pick-up some general tips so our time on the water gives us the best chance for some level of success. Thanks in advance for the insights.
  13. Thanks for the info. I haven't fished in Ontario for at least 7-8 years, and the Outdoors Card is new to me. What's that for? Paid fee permission to fish in the lakes or be 'part of' the environment experience?
  14. After a long wait me and a few of my long-time friends are heading up to Pigeon Lake in a couple weeks for a long-weekend of R&R. I looked online to see approximately how much a 3-day (or week) long Ontario Fishing license would cost for a non-resident and the site was nothing short of confusing. It reads in places like I need to order it online and print it myself....in others it's wildly inexpensive (like $6.50), but you have to be a "member of an organized camp". Not sure what that means...we're staying at an organized camp...not sure if that makes me a member though. Anyway...can someone shine some light on please? We'd prefer conservation license, and really only need a 3-dayer. Thanks.
  15. Yep...I've followed this also and thought he was still out there doing his thing. Glad the family has closure...so sad it ended this way.
  16. Love the reports and the insights I gain from them; and moreover, I love the entertainment value of reading them and living vicariously through your experiences. Don't let jealousy rain on your hard work and passion. You've always been helpful to me and very gracious...too bad that isn't always what you get in return from some. Keep 'em coming...
  17. Seriously? The area known as the 'Kawarthas' is about 3,400 square miles, and the pics are taken at night. I think you're spot is safe.... Nice fish. That crappie is ridiculous...
  18. Here are a couple webcams and weather report for Chapleu area....a little west/southwest of Timmins. Looking like ice is still holding tight, but warmer temps the next several days should change that. http://www.canadianfishing.com/1-galleries/for-webcam/
  19. Remember it? I have it on my iPod. It comes up randomly every 4-6 months or so...and I crank it... That goes WAAAAY back...almost 40 years now, I'd bet....
  20. It's not like I "need" another rod and reel set-up, but I'm looking at getting a larger spinning reel / rod combo for fishing mid/larger cranks, in-line bucktails, large spoons, or larger soft bodies. I have a decent baitcaster / flippin' stick set-up for suicks, spooks, and deeper trolling that is fine, but it's not often I use those tactics. I think the spinning reel will give me the ability to add about 30% to my cast length. Targeting northerns (when up north) and muskies here at home. Any recommendations? If this has been covered before, please direct me to the post(s). Thanks.
  21. Thanks Mike...I'll take a look and reply when I get the chance later today. Lots of great feedback everyone....thanks so much. I have looked at Knee Lake before and it is on the short list...and a decent value. Budget per person door to door is about $5K-$6K. That has to accommodate a RT ticket to a hub of some sort; Winnipeg, Saskatoon, or a city where we can fly to, then get to a float plane base...etc. That is not inexpensive from Ohio. Old Ironmaker...you crack me up all the time...and this is no exception... :lol: :lol: Anyway...great stuff...I knew I came to the right place. Thanks everyone...
  22. No...never have been to Temagami. From what I've heard from those that have been to both, it's basically the same type of lake as Kipawa, but more islands. I believe you can expect the 'eyes to be a little tougher to find...not sure on the smallies as where we stay on Kipawa the smallie invasion is from the north and not made it down to the central part of the lake where we fish yet.
  23. Well...big to us, at least. We've been all over Ontario fishing for at least a week per summer since we were little kids. This past year my best buddy/cousin (actually more like my brother) and I eclipsed the 50 year old mark. Since 2000, we've been heading up to Lake Kipawa and have no complaints...good fishing and some of the nicest raw wilderness I've ever spent time in. For 2016, we're looking at doing the trip we've always talked about, but could never justify the expense for as we were still "building" our financial foothold, raising kids, etc. Now, with our life situation a lot more stable, we've decided it's time for "The Big Trip"....and I'm looking for ideas from the biggest group of passionate fishing nuts I know. We're open to anything, but have done a cursory look at Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge, Silsby Lake Lodge, and Bolton Lake Lodge. Yeah, I know, those are in Manitoba....but that's what came up in our search for our primary targets of walleye and pike. No need for anything else, but smallies would be a nice bonus...seems harder to find that trifecta of dominant species though. We're not at all closed to Ontario, Quebec, or Saskatchewan either. I know there's a lot of fertile ground in Ontario...I often read a lot about Lac Seul... Any insights are appreciated.
  24. Got it MoS...thanks for the clarification. I understand it on one level, but not at all on another. Big area...lots of lakes...millions of possibilities...can't see how some basic info hurts anything.
  25. What? Because someone has few posts they won't get any info? 98% of most member posts are quick accolades like "Nice fish" or the trite "Good on ya!". What a joke...and hardly representative of the definition of a "community". Joeytier is right...plenty of places in Quebec to get you what you're looking for and you don't have to enter a Zec. I hope MoS was only kidding, but given the lack of response, maybe not. And if few posts means a member isn't "worthy" of information, that's an unfortunate state of reality.
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