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  1. Huh? Who is to be held accountable? Let's see...if you're religious I suppose you can blame God. If not, blame Mother Nature. I can't see how "someone" is to blame...it's an act of God/Nature. Yeah...it's not good it took this long to restore your utilities, but the blame there is on the utility companies for putting you lower on the priority list. After all, they can only work so fast. Not sure how it works, but can your condo unit be rigged with a back-up power source? That could be an option for the future. And pneumonia and sickness is caused by viruses and bacteria...not cold. Those that got sick would have likely become sick anyway; there is the chance the lack of water to bathe in made a better environment to spread viruses and bacteria. Though, I believe, antibacterial hand gel is widely available to mitigate that risk. The effect of a natural disaster is unpredictable but clearly can cause enormous hardship. I just can't see how anyone is to blame...and events like this certainly can't be controlled. I believe it's incumbent upon each of us to prepare in advance of whatever is coming next. I've been there, and it's not fun. I guess sometimes you have to just chalk it up to 'live and learn'. That's what life's about anyway, right?
  2. There is an arm of my family that has a private hunting lodge and cabins on about 3,500 acres nearer the top of the lower peninsula. Every year, 90% of the hunters get a buck, with an 8-point minimum to take a shot (self-imposed) and usually a couple 12+ brutes in the mix. Not sure where you're getting your info Misfish, but there's no shortage of big deer in Michigan. With that many hunters (80% of them novice or slightly better), the deer have learned through the generations how to stay out of the crosshairs better than you think and grow to be of enviable size in any area of North America. And it's not an actual holiday, but schools are closed and most non-hunting / non-tourism business owners and employees are out hunting.
  3. I don't think you could go wrong with many of the suggestions...guess it depends on what you're looking for mostly. If I could "go anywhere", it would probably be up to Scott Lake Lodge...60th parallel...northern Sask. The whole package is first class. It's close to Wollaston Lake Lodge and Hatchet Lake Lodge...both of which were listed already and that I'd put as #2 and #3 behind SLL. What an opportunity...good luck! http://www.scottlakelodge.com/
  4. Between birthday, holidays, and a couple gift cards earned though credit card points I've stocked-up some funds to upgrade my cold weather gear this fall in preparation for an active outdoor winter. With the ice fisherman on this board and a handful of active posters that live pretty far north I figured this group would know a thing or two about what cold weather gear / clothing is best. Primary application would be winter camping, trail hiking, and the odd ice fishing excursion. I'm specifically looking for brand / model recommendations on base layer and fleece layer, but all are welcome. Any insights you can provide on your proven cold weather clothing "system" are appreciated also. Thanks in advance for your insights...
  5. Trail's End Lodge, Pigeon Lake, near Bobcaygeon. Heard from the owner a couple weeks back the walleye fishing is "excellent" this year. Pigeon is good for bass and muskies too... http://www.trailsendlodge.ca/index.htm
  6. My understanding is that a steel fine tunes an already sharp knife...used right before you're ready to start carving to fine-tune that good edge. I've used this system to take knives that would be considered 'dead' in any drawer and return them to extremely sharp, knick-free blades. I would guess most people associate a "butcher's steel" as the one tool they can relate to sharpen a knive's edge and the company is using that as a catch-all to sell the system. Again...my experience tells me this is WAY more than a steel...it's a whole "dull to razor's edge" system. Good luck...
  7. This is a very simple system that works really well; it can set poor / neglected knives straight and get them back to being very sharp and usable as well as hone fine knives to keep that razor edge on them. I've tried stones before and, like many of you, can't get the edge I'm looking for. This system is so simple and so effective. Check it out... http://edgemaker.com/
  8. In all the years we've been fishing up on Kipawa I've yet to see the wx be what was forecasted the day before we went in. Last year it was supposed to be wet and unstable all week. In fact, we had 6-straight days of sunshine and light breezes. You'll know what the wx is going to be on Kipawa when it's happening...and not likely any sooner. Have a great trip!
  9. Well...just read this online...pulled this from The Weather Channel. And yeah, with three huge tornadoes in the past 14 years it does leave you scratching your head as to why anyone would remain in that area. But, "home" is "home"...the good and the bad. In a region that sees more than its share of tornadoes, it also prompts a question: Why aren't more homes here built with basements? After all, Oklahoma City and its surrounding communities are part of the Plains region known as "Tornado Alley" for the frequency with which twisters strike here. It's a question that's being asked in the wake of yesterday's tornado, as well as back in May 2011, when an outbreak of 12 tornadoes tore through central Oklahoma. The answer is largely due to three reasons: area building codes, the amount of water in the soil here, and the generally high level of the water table, according to reporting done back in 2011 by MSNBC. As one commenter described it on the Prepared Society message boards, Oklahoma is a land of "clay soil and high water table."
  10. Interesting...heard on Wx Channel it was due to the area being mostly 'rock' and that it's almost impossible to "get through". The area I live in is mostly clay and every home has a basement. Though I do agree with you on the water table being high can preclude a basement...like Florida or coastal areas. Either way, I'm sure there will be a spirited investigation into how those living in tornado alley can build/afford a purpose-built storm shelter below ground.
  11. The only shelter from a storm like that is to get out of its way by fleeing or be fortunate enough to have an underground shelter. In that part of the U.S. it's difficult and extremely expensive to dig a basement as the earth is like bedrock....hence the lack of basements throughout those areas. Such a tragedy...
  12. I ask because I'm interested in the prospect of the Kawarthas walleye fishing rebounding to a level that makes a 9-hour trip worthwhile once again to a beautiful area of Canada. It's a simply a question of what lake...not what depth, what presentation, what specific bait, what location on the lake, or even the fundamental structural element that is holding fish. If it's true that 90% of fish are in 2% of the lake volume, it's seems extremely unlikely anyone could 'steal' a secret with such a small piece of information. Never understood the secrecy of this kind. And agreed, if it's a back lake tucked away and off the main grid it's cool to keep it a close secret to only be shared with close friends.
  13. Sweet. Lots of lakes considered in 'the Kawarthas'...which lake, if you don't mind me asking. And if that inquiry this draws the ire of the Board...sorry...but there are a lot of lakes and a lot of square miles of water and therefore seems like a reasonable question. I don't think it would give anything away necessarily.
  14. Another good one that we've been to a few times is Pine Vista Resort on Stoney Lake outside of Lakefield, Ontario. Great kids programs (give the parents a break) and 'grown-up' programs if you want to take advantage of them. Nice in-ground pool and awesome beach area. Check it out... http://www.pinevista.com/
  15. Cozy Camp Cottages on Lake Nosbonsing sounds like it'd be perfect for your needs. Good fishing...nice place...nice people. http://www.cozycampcottages.com/index.htm
  16. I've got to ask fishindevil; you live in the heart of the Kawarthas, surrounded by lakes with plenty of water moving through, and you're thinking about driving several hours north to go fishing? What's up with that? Looking for different species?
  17. Red Rock Island...lots of good memories of fishing and way pointing off of that. I know some owners up there and will see what I can find out.
  18. I've been fishing Kipawa for 13-years and have never needed anything but a crawler or leeches and a few crank baits. As for taking your boat in there, I think it's a long, rough-ride from Temiscaming into the lake. Again, the kipawa.net discussion board has plenty of people that have been into BCC and know the road well enough to advise whether taking a boat into there is a good idea or not. Early-June...you'll be into the bugs heavy, but I'm sure you know that. As for lakers, we've caught them pretty shallow that time of year...20-25 fow on Kipawa. Not sure what kind of pike lake Sesseginega is, but I would imagine you're right...still shallow. And K-Jim...apparently I get around...just like you... . I love fishing and love the north...where else would you expect to find me in February?
  19. From what I know they're a good operator...basic set-up, and getting to the camp is a bit of a hassle, but worth it I've heard. Lots of info on BCC and fishing that area of Quebec on kipawa.net. Several of the posters there go to BCC every year, and many have been to that camp before. Why Sesseginega versus Kipawa, Ogascanan, or others around there? Just interested. Good luck...
  20. Ah...I have no idea how but I missed that before. Order coming soon...great value. Love the Odds N Ends area...
  21. Just a quick point; I was looking at jigs 2-color and can't tell if it's $1.95 per jig or pack. Most jigs I buy are in packs of 10 or 25. So if it's per pack please indicate quantity. The site is nice and smooth...nice job.
  22. I don't post much but I look often...and I know what Lew hours are. When I read Lew's comment I spit a sip out and laughed for at least a minute. So funny...
  23. FishLogic is right...hit kipawa.net and you'll have access to more info about that lake, timing, best tactics, locations, regs, costs, etc. than you can process. Good luck.
  24. I've done a lot of research on these places (including Wollaston) listed below which are in the general area you're looking for. I've yet to get to any of them, but that day is coming soon. Some are much more expensive than others and the species available is a bit different across a few of them. Just hit Google and type in these lodge names...you'll get where you need to go. Scott Lake Lodge - Saskatchewan Hatchet Lake Lodge - Saskatchewan Artic Lodges - Reindeer Lake - Saskatchewan North Star Resort (formerly Knee Lake Lodge) - Manitoba Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge - Manitoba Gangler's North Seal River Lodge - Manitoba Good luck!
  25. Seems quite inexpensive given the remoteness of the destination and the comparable rates of other outfitters up in that area on Scott Lake, Wollaston, Hatchet..et al. Even Gunisao or Knee lake in MB are quite a bit higher. And after adding flights to/from Winnipeg or Saskatoon, those trips eclipse $9,000 in a hurry. The 9-day at $3,700 would be the only way to go as heading up that far you may as well max out the time there. I noticed those are 2011 rates quoted on the web site...not sure if next year they'd be higher. I'd bet there another 2-days of general travel to and from also. Looks awesome though.
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