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  1. Maybe he means pickerel.
  2. Thanks, KraTToR. I'm always interested in doing a little walleye fishing (around lunch time ? so I'll check out their board.
  3. AKRISONER, thanks for the input on Georgian Bay. I found a good lodge that would furnish meals, American Plan, but they didn't offer any help on finding a guide. Their location is Key River. If you or any others know of a good guide with a larger boat who could take on me and my two sons, baitcasting for pike and maybe some bass please advise. You're right, it would be more convenient mileswise to hit the eastern portion of Ontario as Florida is a long way south and east from most of the usual pike havens. Like I said, I know that Manitoba's lakes provide more ideal habitat, but I want to limit my trip destination to Ontario, preferably not the far north and west portions.
  4. I know (and have used) Bill Hamblin on Georgian Bay. I don't know if he guides on Eagle, but as I said I'm not really interested in muskie hunting this year. I'm pursuing the houseboat on Nipigon for now, hoping for mostly pike but also maybe trout and of course walleyes for lunch. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Scuro2 Thanks for the tips. What do you mean when you say, '...they take water levels down in the fall'? I've heard that Nipigon has its levels manipulated upstream, but I didn't realize that others are being manipulated (for flood control?) Let me know if you hear of the 'cruiser' option on Nipigon. I had never heard of that. LOTW was my first experience in Canada, and I loved the fishing there back in 1950, but I wonder how heavily fished it is. I have heard of some big pike (and occasional muskie) being caught. I guess success would depend on the guide one has. Jmeyer I checked out Onaman River Resort and maybe I should phone them to find out details, but their location appears to be many miles upriver from the lake so it would take at least half an hour of motoring just to get into the lake...and that would be with a big motor. Most of these places max out at 30 HP which doesn't move a 16 footer very fast. BTW I could not find any camps on the north shore of Nipigon.
  6. Jmeyer Where is the fly Fisher episode with Bunk? I did watch the 'Nipigon the 6th Great Lake with Bob Izumi' and was very impressed even though they didn't hit on any big northerns or any lakers. My son David, in Nederland, CO who will join me on my trip is a good flyfisherman, and he would love fishing for the beautiful brook trout there.
  7. Thanks, Reef Runner and Realpro. I will check out Muskoka and Kipawa. My son in Colorado could maybe fly in to Toronto, and his brother and I could meet him and drive to one of those lakes. Right now the best deal I've found is Mahkwa Lodge at Lac Seul. We can get in 5 days of guided fishing for less than $2,000US. Their boats have 50 HP motors so we could get around to a lot of spots...it's a big lake.
  8. Thanks for your follow-up, Chris.Brock. If you have any specific suggestions of a 'drive-to lake' in NW Ontario let me know. I'd be driving from Florida so it's a 'fur piece' to that neck of the woods, but if another day on the road puts us into better pike lakes then I'm game. So the lakes that Air Ivanhoe fly to aren't the mesotrophic type waters? I see Eagle suggested. We've fished there and didn't have much luck, although the water level was way low and some of the prime muskie spots were dry. I think we want faster fishing than muskie hunting. Even if we have to go through a lot of 'hammer handles' to get to a 40" pike, that's better than throwing and retrieving heavy bucktails all day just hoping for one muskie strike.
  9. Chris.Brock Thank you for the tip. It looks like a wonderful package, a distant lake, North Caribou, probably similar to a Knee Lake in Saskatchewan as far as remoteness goes, but at 2300, no guide? doing our own cooking, it's out of our price range. I wish it weren't, but as a man on DOD pension and Social Security I won't be able to swing it. But I'll talk to my son, David about it. Possibly he can chip in the extra. What is the reason that Georgian Bay wouldn't be good? It looks like the area from Key River to French River would be pretty remote, but of course it's a rocky place which might make boating difficult. Maker a Laker I'm checking Air Ivanhoe. It's a long drive up there to Foleyet, Ontario, but it does look like they have nice outposts. We'd be doing our own cooking, and it appears (correct me if I'm wrong) that the boats at the outposts only have paddles, no motors. I wonder how good Nemegosenda Lake is? Probably it's pounded pretty hard by angling pressure. Limeyangler I haven't yet found a lodge on Wabigoon that offers American Plan so if you know of one let me know. I may need to know a name of a guide also. Back in the days when I was a muskie hunter I remember reading about big skis caught out of Wabigoon.
  10. I tried 'search', but surprisingly I didn't find anything. To introduce myself, I'm an 80 year old who began fishing in Lake of the Woods when I was a ripe ten year old boy. First cast from the bank at Frolander's Camp I pulled in a nice walleye. From that point forward Canada's been my favorite place to fish. I've been lucky enough to have fished (long ago) Knee Lake, and more recently Great Slave and Scott Lake. I've probably been spoiled as far as catching a lot of nice northerns go, but I still have yet to pull in anything bigger than 45 inches. My two sons want to go with me this coming season and experience good fishing for maybe one last time (a lot of my schoolmates have either died or given up fishing). I'm strapped to decide where to go. I'm no longer a wage-earner so don't have the long green it takes to go to Manitoba or Saskatchewan. I live in Florida now so am restricting my choices to Ontario. Could some of you recommend where to go on an American Plan (I thought we could go to an outpost camp, but my sons don't want to have to fool with cooking). Also, it would be good to be with a guide with a decent boat to fish three anglers. Could some of you impart a little information on your favorite lodges? I've looked at some on Lac Seul, and I'm also considering the east side of Georgian Bay as some expert mentioned it as a likely spot to catch big northerns. Our calendar is open. Anytime from May through August, but I find that in August it's hard to find northerns up shallow. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me.
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