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Found 1 result

  1. I tried 'search', but surprisingly I didn't find anything. To introduce myself, I'm an 80 year old who began fishing in Lake of the Woods when I was a ripe ten year old boy. First cast from the bank at Frolander's Camp I pulled in a nice walleye. From that point forward Canada's been my favorite place to fish. I've been lucky enough to have fished (long ago) Knee Lake, and more recently Great Slave and Scott Lake. I've probably been spoiled as far as catching a lot of nice northerns go, but I still have yet to pull in anything bigger than 45 inches. My two sons want to go with me this coming season and experience good fishing for maybe one last time (a lot of my schoolmates have either died or given up fishing). I'm strapped to decide where to go. I'm no longer a wage-earner so don't have the long green it takes to go to Manitoba or Saskatchewan. I live in Florida now so am restricting my choices to Ontario. Could some of you recommend where to go on an American Plan (I thought we could go to an outpost camp, but my sons don't want to have to fool with cooking). Also, it would be good to be with a guide with a decent boat to fish three anglers. Could some of you impart a little information on your favorite lodges? I've looked at some on Lac Seul, and I'm also considering the east side of Georgian Bay as some expert mentioned it as a likely spot to catch big northerns. Our calendar is open. Anytime from May through August, but I find that in August it's hard to find northerns up shallow. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me.
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