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  1. Will be up at duck lake soon and last time i was there fishing was EXTREMLY tough. Just wondering if anyone has any tips to catch fish either there or on the connecting maple lake as I can access it also. It took about 3 days last time i was up there to get the first fish in the boat and i really don't want to go through that again. Thanks for any help.
  2. I watched it also and it was a good win. I have hope this year.
  3. I have always wanted to go there, will follow.
  4. It seems too me as it is too shallow and murky to support a population of anything other that cats. it is 0 visibility no matter where you are and is quite shallow in most of the bays. Its quite unfortunate.
  5. That is what I have been told, I have tried as of recently and the bite is either non existent or very tough.
  6. They do, but you can still fish the lake side for them later on
  7. I fish for channel cats quite frequently there and they get quite sizeable in there. I am just starting to get into salmon this year but I won't be on my yak and I will be on the shore. What part are you going to fish? I would think either the top or where it turns narrower would be good.
  8. You can go into the harbour with a boat you just can't launch from the conservation area. just be careful because it does get very shallow and the deepest parts are only about 8 feet with a normal water level and if its low it will be even shallower. I would use a Bathymetric map to plan where you want to fish so you dont smash your prop.
  9. I have a relatively cheap reel by them and i have caught a few 10 + cats on it paired with a medium light with no problems. I know that's not the ideal setup for cats but I wasn't targeting them but the reel holds very well.
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