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  1. Haha thanks as usual Old Ironmaker. if you had to chose long point vs tecumseh reef around this time, what would you chose?
  2. Awesome appreciate the help. Would Tecumseh reef itself be good this time of year? thanks again
  3. thanks for the advice. Anything closer to the Burlington hamilton area?
  4. Hey everyone, hope you guys are staying safe! Bass season opener is around the corner and I was wondering where some good spots would be this time of year for bass. Any help will do! I’m still very new to Erie. Ive fished Tecumseh reed in late August into September last year and had some solid ones from there but wondering where they hang out during the bass opener time? thanks in advance guys!
  5. Looking for live crayfish but I’m having a very hard time finding some. Any ideas or suggestions ?
  6. All parks to remain closed until May 31st was just announced last week. Brutal! https://www.ontarioparks.com/covid19
  7. Wow that’s crazy. So when you launch, you obviously have someone in the boat while you park the truck? And when you come back to get in the boat you just walk on the dock that’s under the water and hop in the boat which is about ankle deep?
  8. Ya I had my dad with me, probably wouldn’t of been a good idea. Wish they had something better than that.
  9. Wow good to know about leeches, I’ll make sure my dad uses those instead of worms next time. I was mostly drop shotting and had a few bites when we were the reef along with the one fish but mind you we probably only stayed in that area for about a half hour due to some new stronger wind and also my buddy that was with us was getting kind of sick, I told him to pull his skirt up but it didn’t work lol. Wish we would have just went straight there when we launched instead of stopping at different spots on the way. @Steve Piggott awesome work man. Thanks for the tip on launching using waders. How deep would you have to be to launch there, is the water waste deep before you get in the boat seeing that there’s no dock to access anymore? Also, what were you guys using when you caught those smallies? Thanks!
  10. @Old Ironmaker yes actually we did. So we tried launching at Austin’s trailer park in order to be closer to the reef but it’s a disaster like you said, the dock is under water and there’s big rocks everywhere so we passed. We ended up launching at the Dunnville light house area and it was around 930-10 and the water was amazing. No chop at all. On our way towards the reef we stopped a few times but had no luck at all. Then when we got near the reef in about 10 feet to a 20 foot drop off, I nailed a 4 pounder. The water was decent around 11-1:30 then wind started to pick up so we made our way back. There was a bunch of boats out there but most were further in deeper water looking for walleye. The water was actually really good then decent enough until we left, so I was happy with the outcome. My dad was using live bait worms and had zero bites all day. Strange I guess. As for Nanticoke shoal, can you show me where it is and where to launch to get there even in a direct message if you want to? This is my first year owning a boat and fish finders and I’m still in the learning process. Any help would be awesome. I was so stoked catching that 4 lber and want to catch more like them more consistently. thanks again!
  11. Do you guys know the best launch that’s closest to that area?
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