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  1. Pretty fish looks like a beautiful day on the water .
  2. Same here Cliff without my son doing most of the work I wouldn't be doing much Muskie fishing . He said Dad don't worry I'll get you there and unhook all those Muskies LOL . Sounds kike you had a nice day on the water thanks for the report.
  3. Nice Muskie looks like you had a good week with plenty of action . Thanks for the report
  4. Pigeon Lake has a good population of Muskies . Which end of the lake are you on ? I see you are new on the site try to send me a PM I can help you find some . Good Luck
  5. You should be able to catch some fish on Balsam . Right up the shore line from the park is a bay try the deep edge in 10 -12 ft you should do OK with Pike , Walleye and Bass . Try casting some spinners Mepps Agiala's #4 or #5 . Good luck let us know how you do . We also do better on the weed edge across from the park .
  6. My son and I made several trips to the upper French stayed at a couple lodges . We are Muskie fisherman but caught nice Bass , Walleyes and Pike on our trips . Lunge Lodge is in a good location and offers both bring your own food or American plan . Your boat will be fine there are plenty of islands and bays to fish . Good luck.
  7. Great day on the water we only catch them that size on fly -in trips . Thanks for the pictures and report .
  8. Good day on the water thanks for the report . Good luck with the Muskies .
  9. Same thing I did Joe . I have been deer hunting since I was 12 going to be 73 in a couple months . I have trouble with the cold my feet and hands mostly . This year is pretty mild weather wise here in PA . The other problem my wife is not a big fan of deer meat so I give most of it away . Hang in there you are not alone . I'm just happy I can still chase Muskies but with the size of the lures thats starting to slow me down .
  10. Nice looking Muskie and Walleye thanks for the report and pictures . Good luck the rest of the season .
  11. Nice fish the Upper French has been tough for us our last couple trips . See some real hogs just can't get them to eat . Thanks for the report
  12. I learned years ago nothing you can do about the weather just grin and bare it . Its just tough you wait all year for your trip and mother nature throws you curve LOL.
  13. Just got back from a week of Muskie fishing on Balsam , Sturgeon and Pigeon with my son . The weather was not the best except Wednesday lots of rain and wind one day on Balsam the wind hit 17 mph some big white caps . Ended the week with 9 Muskies in the boat and saw or had hits or hooked fish 26 other times . Biggest for the week was 44" best lures were spinners and bulldogs . We did have 7 follows from fish 40" or bigger . The last 2 days we had some motor problems a throttle sensor went bad and the Mercury dealer didn't have the part so we couldn't go at slow speeds or idle . Can't wait to come back next year . Here is one of my sons fish from Balsam.
  14. Nice video thanks for sharing .
  15. Nice fish and great report looks like everyone had a good time
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