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  1. Orchard Oriole Yellow Warbler Common Yellow Throat American Red Start Black Throated Green Northern Parula Gray Catbird
  2. They have been here for a week now Thanks
  3. Love this time of year
  4. Wish it would warm up so I don't have to ware a winter jacket these are from my yard
  5. Baltimore Oriole Palm Warbler Yellow Rumped Warbler Magnolia Warbler Blackburian Warbler Bluegray Gnatcatcher Blue Headed Vireo
  6. Meet my grand daughter Indigo
  7. Boreal Chickadee Our regular Black Capped Chickadee
  8. I haven't been to my go to Photography spot since I seen a tent back in the bush with a few drunk guys around it glad they never saw me
  9. Your probably looking to high, look for them in pine trees about eye level but they are the size of a beer can and usually close to the trunk
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