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  1. Rodbender

    Reluctant PSA

    I haven't been to my go to Photography spot since I seen a tent back in the bush with a few drunk guys around it glad they never saw me
  2. Rodbender

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    Bin there done that
  3. Rodbender

    Barred Owl

    Your probably looking to high, look for them in pine trees about eye level but they are the size of a beer can and usually close to the trunk
  4. Rodbender

    Barred Owl

    Thanks guys
  5. Rodbender

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    Tie them upside down so the point of the hook is pointing up same as a spreader hook is hit them in the good spot in the mouth not the soft sides 😮
  6. Rodbender

    Barred Owl

    There Back
  7. Rodbender

    I'm gonna get me a Sparrow

    I've got a pair hunting my feeders but can't get a shot nice Coopers
  8. Rodbender

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    Best answer right there Birders are already against it cause of other birds nesting at the same time with the nets the other's can be released BTW I am not a Birder I'm a Photographer so I look on Birder sites to see where cool birds are
  9. Rodbender

    New Studio

  10. Rodbender

    New Studio

    Moved to Oshawa and now have room for a back yard studio First birds are Pine Siskin's
  11. Rodbender

    Owl season has started

    Thanks Lew
  12. Rodbender

    Owl season has started

  13. Rodbender

    Owl season has started

    Thanks Guys
  14. Rodbender

    Owl season has started

    Some never left this year Thanks guys