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  1. -26 windchill of -36

    Camera still works American Tree Sparrow Dark Eyed Junco Downy Woodpecker Northern Cardinal
  2. Nice way to end 2017

    Peregrine Falcon
  3. Birds in the snow

    Auto not fast enough for manual
  4. Birds in the snow

    Dark Eyed Junco Northern Cardinals Brown Thrasher not sure what he's still doing here
  5. For the late Duck Hunters

    Whistler AKA Common Goldeneye Bluebill AKA Greater Scaup And a Ringer AKA Ringnecked Duck pretty late for this guy figured next one I saw would be in Florida in Feb
  6. World Junior games

    Can't wait for todays game too bad ticket sails suck hope they are better for todays game
  7. World Junior games

    Same here 4pm we will see how the guys look GO CANADA GO
  8. Snowy

    Cool I'm road tripping thursday see if i can find some SEO's LEO'S and what ever else I can find weather permitting of course
  9. Snowy

    What a year for Snowy Owls this year is they are reported almost to Florida
  10. I miss summer already

    Love them Gordy
  11. what desktop background photo

    All my pics on a 10 second shuffle
  12. LongTail Wake

    LOL you should post some of yours I always liked your shots