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  1. Rodbender

    Lake Bernard...Fishing.

    Pool Lake across the road from Bernard
  2. Rodbender

    Florida Raptors

    Red Shouldered Hawk Long way off but new to me Short Tailed Hawk Bald Eagles
  3. Rodbender

    Spring Fishing Show.

    I'll be i Florida same as last 6 years
  4. Rodbender


  5. Rodbender


    Thanks Brian yep thats my fav pic
  6. Rodbender


    I picked the wrong day for this snow was turning fast to Ice crystals before it melted I wanted a nice snow flake kinda sitting up on top of the snow but here's what I got
  7. Rodbender

    White Sandy Beaches

    Where's the bikinis??? Nice shots
  8. Rodbender

    Coupla Dives

    Greater Scaup Hen Red-Breasted Merganser
  9. Rodbender

    Can't download pictures

    Depends on the camera Mine won't do that I need a driver
  10. Rodbender

    Can't download pictures

    do you still have the CD that came with the camera if so re-load it if not search the web for a driver for that camera
  11. Rodbender

    -26 windchill of -36

    Camera still works American Tree Sparrow Dark Eyed Junco Downy Woodpecker Northern Cardinal
  12. Rodbender

    Nice way to end 2017

    Peregrine Falcon
  13. Rodbender

    Birds in the snow

    Auto not fast enough for manual