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  1. TESTING pictures right from computor

    My Pics are too big
  2. Issues thread

    you have to re bookmark it and delete the old one
  3. In The Thick Crap

    I loved the bow hunting never know what you'll see it's actually what drove me to get a camera
  4. In The Thick Crap

    Bow only area I have sole permission to be in there owner got PO'ed a couple years back poachers on his land. I keep an eye out for them 2 today with X-bows nice enough guys they just got a bit lost from the property next door and left I also promised the owner if I get a great shot of a buck Ill print it and frame it for him. Almost got that shot today if the light was better I hate these shots
  5. In The Thick Crap

    I went into the thick stuff today (hence the pic sucks) little Buck ran after he turned and seen the big guy
  6. Remembrance Day

  7. Loons

    Finally some got it
  8. Loons

    I'd love to say something on this but I'll just read the posts
  9. No name fly

    LOL I used to tie elk hair caddis down to 18 biggest brown I ever got was on one 8 lbs outta the forks of the credit
  10. No name fly

    That sucker in a size 14 would be a magnet when caddis flies are out you want frustration try whipfinishing by hand not a tool
  11. Mink

    At the crap ponds in Portperry Thanks guys
  12. Mink

    Cute little buggers
  13. Im starting to fly tie, BUT

    Don't think my old 6wt rod would cast those
  14. ICE Fishing Expo

    No plans so far might make this
  15. Early morning Swan

    Not something I do but tried at it