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  1. Hi guys, thought I'd share another quick video from beautiful Lower Buckhorn Lake and Honey Harbour. We managed to get into a number of species including a decent musky and a nice largemouth bass. Enjoy!
  2. Thank! That was a small walleye, but there are mooneye in the river.
  3. Quick video from the lower Grand river for those interested. Enjoy!
  4. Considering the amount of vegetation in that lake right now, I would say the pike are pretty safe. It's a challenge to find fishable water right now.
  5. Thought I'd share a video from a quick trip to Mountsberg Reservoir. Didn't get into any big pike but it is loads of fun to catch huge numbers of smaller ones. Most of the lake is weedy but there is one spot in the center that is a bit deeper than the rest. All the fish came from that ones spot. Enjoy!
  6. I've fished that area before from the kayak. This was the first time I got into those smaller bass, usually I get the bigger ones from the kayak. Still a nice place to fish.
  7. Ventured out with a friend for some Lake Erie smallmouth bass recently. We didn't manage to get into any bigger ones but did have countless smaller bass and some huge sheepshead. Fun summer day all in all. Enjoy the video. Subscribe and share!
  8. There is some decent fishing to be had on the Lower Niagara right now. Here's a quick video of some action from last week. Enjoy!
  9. I wish I was that efficient :) I spared the audience hours of nothing haha
  10. It was a tough bite yesterday but I managed this one feisty steelhead. The water clarity has been very high for almost 2 months now and the fish appear to be well fed and not easily fooled. Here is a short video, enjoy!
  11. Peter in Thorold. He works from home. I will extend the next video a bit, I just didn't film that much this time around so it came out pretty short.
  12. Hi all, Thought I'd share two quick videos of some winter steelhead action on the Niagara river. I'm still finding my way around the editing process. I'd appreaciate any feedback. I'll look to improve some things on the next video I make. Thanks!
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