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  1. @Sinker What do you mean "fish frozen in water"? Can you elaborate?
  2. I decided to just renew my card. Cannot use the promo because of
  3. Yeah, but I cannot renew through the app, unfortunately. If I understand correctly this is because of this weird 90 policy Starting from 3 months before the expiration of your subscription, you can renew it through the Chart Installer. Just connect your card to your computer, launch the app, and follow the procedure. Any idea how to take advantage of this promo? My card expires June 27th
  4. My card is just 2GB. I would love have bigger one. Any idea if it is possible to copy/transfer all the contents to a new one? Will it work?
  5. Is the card assigned to a device by any chance? I am planning to upgrade mine soon, just waiting for a deal.
  6. I see the limited time offer for $49.99. Wondering how the renewal will work when my current card expires in June 2019.
  7. Wow, you were able to drag all of this equipment, canoe, motor, battery, fish equipment through the woods? How did you do that? Did you have to walk far?
  8. Nicely rigged toon. Can't wait to see how you will set up the rigger on it.
  9. Woow, I am surprised to see trolling motor. This thing must fly with it.
  10. Your post glued me to my monitor, I hate my cubicle even more now. How long was the trip? How long it took you to get there?
  11. Here is the full list of winners this year http://www.wideopenspaces.com/icast-2018-new-product-showcase-award-winners/
  12. RTD, Rod Threading Device, so cool
  13. Sure you can, it's ~$1000 I think ?
  14. Yeah, Pelican is probably the cheapest pedal drive. I love Hobie's Guardian Shield
  15. Found it, $5,300, not including taxes and accessories.
  16. 17.5HP engine, floats in just 3 inches of water. I wonder how much is it?
  17. Looks like you had a fantastic trip. I am surprised there was no bigger pike than 30'!
  18. Thank you for all the info guys, I appreciate it loadie933, what baits worked for you?
  19. Any suggestions which part of the lake would be most productive for bass and pike?
  20. Can anyone share some info on the lake, the fishing, etc? I have 3 days this week, I will be camping and fishing over there.
  21. Cannot stop staring at the photos, nice trip! Where did you catch the biggest ones? Shallow, deep? Weeds, some other structures? What was the water temperature?
  22. Any idea why the fish would decide not to bite at the very last moment? https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=252 https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=348 - this one's left eye is interesting https://youtu.be/H2AXVUvmowU?t=440
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