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  1. If your referring to distracted driving laws that apply on the road than no. But there are other laws that may apply, but in most cases these charges are only laid after an incident.
  2. It would help if you mentioned where you are located and are you going to be fishing from shore or from a boat?
  3. Racoon rabies has been found in New York. Looks like a blocking pattern. Probably a part of a series of patterns.
  4. The St. Clair river at Sarnia can get quite busy with both large lake freighters and commercial fishing boats and fishing/recreational boats. And you can add Coast Guard boats also.
  5. A couple of years ago at Port Bruce we came in due to it getting far too rough. As we loaded up the boat we seen a guy with a 1960's fiberglass boat (aprox 16')with an inboard/outboard getting ready to launch. We warned him not to go. His response was "I was out earlier & I know what I'm doing". Even the ramp owner told him "If these guys are telling you not to go don't as they go out when most won't". They launched. After getting packed up we were having a beer with the ramp owner when they came back with the husband cursing at the wife. When they got to the mouth they found out they couldn't handle the 5 footers and tried to turn back getting washed into the pier and damaging the outdrive. But it was her fault??????
  6. Woodsman


    I work in Stratford, Ont. where the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Canada. Many places looking for help. They still have a serious drug problem there. I agree that social/economic issues do play a role in the drug problem but it's not limited to economic depressed towns & cities.
  7. Woodsman


    Some places. I can't compare our place with yours as I don't have the figures but yes we in Canada are not immune to the problem.
  8. Factory is actually in New Hamburg unless they opened another one I'm not aware of.
  9. Link lead me to a survey. Near the bottom of the survey was a tab "Skip survey". Then the news story appeared.
  10. I have a 2016 Can-Am 450 Outlander 2-up. Does everything I need. No problems with it 3 years. I use it for similar uses as you described.
  11. Lake Huron was pretty rough for a few days. Water in the river at Sarnia may be stained up.
  12. This whole issue is a waste of money. The costs to changing the name does nothing other than cost money not required to be spent.
  13. And after trying that (as reported) what's next?
  14. Forecast was pretty close for where I am at. Left work at 7 pm and there was a very stiff cross wind trying to blow me off the road. Last 5 kms added almost zero visibility. Still bad here.
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