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  1. Woodsman

    PhotoBucket's "Forever Plan."

    Can you believe anything they say? A year from now the jack up the price and it's either pay or good bye. Remember too many of us got screwed over when they shut us down.
  2. Woodsman

    smoked chub

    Never heard herring called chub. When I hear chub I think of this smaller fish. Creek chub
  3. Woodsman

    33 Moose seized

    Actually all police officers in Ontario by defination are also conservation officers. They can lay charges quite legally.
  4. Woodsman

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    Actually Canada did have a draft near the end of the 2nd World War. Those drafted had to volunteer to serve overseas. Many served in Canada but many also volunteered for overseas duty. As for underage volunteers yes many lied about their age. Some as young as 13. My father served in the Merchant Marines in WW2 & the Canadaian Army in Korea. I served 13 years in the Canadian Forces.
  5. Nice. Lots of future fun there.
  6. Woodsman

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    All foul hooked fish must legally be released imediately.
  7. Woodsman

    Duplicate accounts ruling

    Sort of like Facebook. Have a second account if you get sent to Facebook jail. Only reason is if your a crap distruber. See it all the time. Yes to one account only.
  8. Woodsman

    Tamagami grouse/rabbit hunting

    Just got back from there last week. Don't worry about deer camps. Not a deer area. Yes there could be a few but generally very low deer populations. For camping area's look at either the sites along Red Squirrel Rd. or maybe Rabbit Lake Rd. Many nice lake front sites which don't see a lot of use this time of year.
  9. Woodsman

    Temagami Report

    Did you get back to Cross Lake. Great area. We were there on Wed.
  10. Woodsman

    DNR orders

    Old Ironmaker you have my sympathies for your situation. The thing with DNR orders is they are only enforceable with written doctors orders. Most times first responders will not have these available to them. Nor will emergency departments at hospital accept them without a written one on hand. Bracelets or tattoo's will not meet the requirements for first responders to accept.
  11. Woodsman

    Town of Temagami under evacuation alert.

    How big is your bath tub?
  12. Goderich is on the Maitland River. Not much river to boat in though and if the lake is rough you are quite limited for space.
  13. When I worked for Upper Thames Conservation (years ago) on Fanshawe if the motor was there forget it. All I said was confirm it's OK before assuming. A day would be spoiled if they were turned away because they thought it was OK to find out differently.
  14. Woodsman

    McCarthy lake in Stratford

    grimsbylander that was also my guees. Not a serious fishing place. Years back it did get a few trout stocked but no idea how recent. My guess is a few panfish.
  15. Woodsman

    McCarthy lake in Stratford

    "McCarthy lake in Stratford "? Stratford Ontario? I use to live in Stratford (and now live about 1/2 hr away) and never have heard of it. What place are you staying?