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  1. I believe they can not be legally sold. They also can not be transported over land.
  2. All respect lost after the call for closing fishing.
  3. But that ticket has nothing to do with people from different residences sharing the same boat. It was for being in too large of a group.
  4. irishfield don't get me going on these appreciation drive byes. Police, fire & ambulances are in them. I'd much rather have them doing their appointed jobs. Yes a double standard.
  5. Front hooks may have been removed so it would be legal to use here in Ontario
  6. I've heard those stories but no one has shown proof of it. Actually the OPP have said it's not true. And local restrictions don't apply on the great lakes. And the local by-law Dutch01 posted itself doesn't state it applies on roadways or water. It does mention were it does apply.
  7. Where are you getting a $800 fine for not following a suggestion? BTW: 2 meters = 6'6"
  8. lickmyarmpit I thought the blade flexibility would decrease performance but have not owned one so I didn't comment on that.
  9. Especially if you have 10 colours out and a big sheephead on.
  10. Looks like one of those doctors sure over stepped it. And not for the first time but this one sure has Human Rights problems all over this one. https://london.ctvnews.ca/farmers-should-throw-them-in-the-garbage-health-unit-issues-controversial-ids-for-migrant-workers-1.4934539?fbclid=IwAR1PmyDO7meHOzhs5Y0hDTCPOi6Mr3UMMQ_f3Ld6c_e4N1mCprw_3Hn4aeo
  11. I agree Terry. Maybe their way of limiting people going to the parks?
  12. From the press release I seen the only day use activities allowed are walking, hiking, bird watching and biking. Beaches still off limits.
  13. Are they the replaceable blade props?
  14. RCMP press release including clarification of 10 & 12 gauge shotguns. https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/firearms/need-know-the-government-canadas-new-prohibition-certain-firearms-and-devices?re
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