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  1. Nicely done, thanks for sharing
  2. That was sweet, thanks for sharing. What is the water temp up there where you found those muskie.
  3. I think your line "hardest fish to catch" is the key thing in all this. In my experience of owning this lodge(3 seasons) people are happy just to catch something and don't want to spend all day just for one even if it would be big. The no tournament scene definitely limits the muskie lure production as well, no big money behind this stuff unlike the bass market. Which is just fine in my opinion. Muskie fishing is a very niche market, we don't cater to the hardcore fishing guys as some lodges do but even after specifically advertising to muskie fisherman because our season opens earlier than Nipissing we had little interest. I think the younger generation or say the generation with kids in the pre teen stages also don't want to go out all day and maybe catch one. It's not very fun not catching fish of course for younger people.
  4. Most of the lures look amazing because they need the people to buy them, it's like a shiny new car or polished tools.
  5. The French River is the perfect place for you and your dad by the sound of it. We have lots of walleye and smallmouth. Give our website and look over and let me know what you think. www.northchannelcottages.com Thank you, Andrew North Channel Cottages Owner
  6. My 15hp Yamaha's don't use much fuel but 91 octane in Noelville is $1.57 here. It adds up that's for sure.
  7. I don't think so, the level is crazy high everywhere, West Nippissing closed their public launches the other day. Nippissing is going up 1 cm every day apparently. Hope this helps..
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