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  1. That's identical to my boat but looking pretty sweet!
  2. Thank you for this. Did not realize there is a 7 day cap on getting the sale price and if i would have waited another couple days i would not of got the difference in price back!
  3. The rest of my lights are still holding up so keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the season. At least I know I can get cheap replacements on sale now
  4. Thanks Terry, I ended up switching to chrome from IE made all the difference. Now i just need to learn to multiquote,
  5. My neighbor just put a couple of those up on his place last night, they look decent and super easy to to setup.
  6. Its worth a shot trying to bring them back, Trying to do it last year sucked...they would not take them back after a certain date and by the last time I had to exchange it was slim pickings for identical replacements.
  7. Im clicking the quote tab but its not appearing as quoted replies..
  8. I figured quality was what I was getting by buying the Noma brand but probably should have gone with the not so familiar companies. I
  9. That' truly sucks! This will be my second year putting lights up and am seriously hoping its not a complete repeat of the last one.
  10. Has anybody else had issues with the Noma Christmas lights from Canadian tire? Last year I had to go through 2 strands of the mini lights and 2 strands of the bigger lights because they would fail pretty much right out of the box or after I spent the time and got them up. Well this year seems to be starting off just the same way. The last replacement strand already has one bulb out which I can live with but the longer strand will not even light up at all. Is there a reliable brand out there or is it all the same junk?
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