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  1. I installed a boarding platform with telescoping steps that I bought off Kijiji on my 16 ft Misty River. Great for swimming and legal for emergency re-entry into the boat if you fall out. Otherwise you would need to carry a portable gunnel mount ladder which really don't work very well on many boats . And if you fall overboard while alone there's no one on board to place the ladder for you.
  2. I've been burning through a $10 3 volt Energizer battery every 2 days of fishing or so with 6 hours on the motor per trip on avg. 3-4 days per week. . I use the pedal and the remote not just remote. The Duracells last for weeks but they are hard to find at store front retailers with none in Parry Sound. . As someone said it could be the tolerances of the battery to the remote causing the excessive usage on Energizer brand . On a retirement income $7 every 2 weeks is preferable to $10 every 2 days.
  3. Mountain Equipment stores have Duracell CR 2450's for $5.96 each. I'm picking 4 up curbside on Thursday when I'm in Barrie for an appointment. I hope they don't try to swap out with Energizers . The duracells definitely last longer in my remote.
  4. I agree with fisherman. I do a full tie down with chain on the bow eye and transom straps even though I'm 5 minutes to home from the launch ramp.
  5. The Rainbow numbers are nothing like they were 2 years ago. The 30,000 fish that escaped from the fish farm have been depleted by Mannnnny happy fisherman. You might catch one off the Salt dock . If you have a boat you can fish beyond 100 ft of the fish farm where some escapees and occasional naturals still hang out. But as I said locals and GTA day fishers are getting far fewer than before.
  6. I bought 2 strips of bunk material that Connor industries who build Stanley aluminum boats cut off a 4 x 8 sheet of material.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has found an inexpensive online source or store front for Minkota hand held remote controller batteries . I prefer the Duracel 2450 over the energizer because they last much longer.
  8. Oops just noticed there is a Contest section where I should have posted this.
  9. Just thought I'd mention that there is a new contest with $100,000 worth of trips to Northern Ontario fishing lodges being given away to help promote their businesses hit hard by Covid 19. You can sign up for it on the Fishin Canada TV show website. You can enter as a contestant or just enter to vote for other contestants . Even just voting can win you a trip. Good Luck!
  10. I'm Glad you enjoyed your camping /Fishing trip in "The Hoot" . ( "refers to frequent train whistles in and around the town") I've been fortunate to live here for 35 years. "Ya'll Come Back Now"
  11. If you go with a 12 volt Minkota be sure to get one with the Max designation . Those models have variable speed versus set speeds. The Max versions will allow your battery to provide usable power for 3 to 5 times longer. I've had 12 volt Minkotas on 12 and 14 ft boats. I now have a 24 volt bow mounted 80 lb Terrova with 3 year old Wally world deep cycle batteries on my 16 ft aluminum with 50 hp outboard. . I really prefer the 24 volt motor with remote control and foot control. The new versions have better spot lock than mine provides. I troll , anchor and maneuver the boat for casting all day with the electric motor virtually never trolling with my 2 stroke outboard . I live retired in Parry Sound and put a lot of hours on that Terrova fishing numerous days per week. I wouldn't go back to a 12 volt motor.
  12. Anyone looking for a 1200 in Lb torque drill for powering a manual ice auger should check out Home Depot in " Newmarket". They have a Milwaukee Fuel hammer drill / impact driver combo regular $500 for $349.00 which includes the model 2704-20 drill and the 2753-20 impact driver with a 5 Amp hr and a 2 Amp Hr battery and charger in a case. The sales guy there said it was a special combo brought in normally sold in the U.S. I don't know if this combo is available at other Depot's , they seemed to have a very large Milwaukee inventory with promo canopy set up at this store. They said there is usually a Milwaukee rep in the store but he wasn't there Thursday. I grabbed one to power my 8" Fin Bore 3 auger with a Clam conversion Plate I picked up at Sail . Just thought some of you might be considering this and might want to save some $ . Good luck!
  13. Has anyone turned an 8" Fin Bore with the Clam Conversion Kit Gear Box on the Clam Drill Plate with a smaller drill? I am wondering if my CTC Maximum 20 volt Lithium Ion drill putting out 500 inch lb will turn an 8" with the new gear reduction box now available . It will turn my old 6" F.B. for many holes in 2-3-ft of ice no problem but barely turns the 8" F.B. I just bought . The anti overtorque shut off built into the batteries shuts it down every 5 sec or so. The gear reduction box would be a lot cheaper than the M18 Milwaukee .
  14. I bought the Elite 7 Ti last July and am not really satisfied with it. I should probably pay someone to properly dial it in for me me. Not sure where to go in the Muskoka/Parry Sound/ Barrie vicinity. I have spent a lot of time fine tuning the unit and the transducer height on transom and attitude . It is very difficult to keep the extra long , heavy transducer at the same angle after using the boat for a while in waves. It gets knocked off allignment pretty easy.( It has the second generation metal mount) I purchased dimpled machine bolts to go with the supplied dimpled locking nuts they provide but still not adequate to hold it in position . I might need to fashion a turnbuckle affair to it to hold it in place and allow minute adjustments of the transducer angle. Odd that I can't see half of what I am writing in this forum window.
  15. I recall that the unit must be grounded properly for the touch screen to work if the transducer is out of water or you are working on a bench. There is a video on the Lowrance Utube channel that explains how to run it on a bench . It seems to contravene their suggestion that running the transducer out of water may cause it to overheat and damage it. Probably best to call them. I mat still have one of the Lowrance rep's email address if you need it for direct contact.
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