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  1. Keep your bait moving at a slow but steady pace, don't set the hook immediately, especially if it's near the tip of their snout wait til they move your bait back towards their head. When the hook is (hopefully) set, prepare for a big initial jump and powerful run, although the run is usually a short one. If you are using artificials, try scent to make the hold it a bit longer otherwise they might drop it right away.
  2. Targeted them on Georgian Bay last summer with heavy gear, 7' ugly sticks 50lb braid. Casting minnows, sharp sharp hooks are a must.
  3. We have a trailer at the north end of the lake, there are a few lake trout in there some up to 8lbs but are hard to catch this time of year. Plenty of small to medium sized bass both large and smallmouth. Got a few 4lbers over the years but the average is 1.5 at the most. Only ever heard of one walleye being caught there but they are also supposed to be in there. The lake levels drop frequently this time of year since it is a feeder lake for the trend seven canal. Water is currently down about 7 feet from the start of the season and has dropped about 18" since I was there last week. Lots of shoals to fish bass but this time of year they turn into islands
  4. The yellow bobbin is only needed if you are making it automatic. If just manual, there is a cap that is on the other side of the jacket in a little velcro pouch, that you put in place of the bobbin.
  5. Mine have a different rearming kit (#1352) maybe a different model jacket, mine are about 3 years old
  6. They are nice comfy jackets, I have 2, those rearm kits are ONLY available at bass pro shops nice if you live nearby, but it's a 4 hour round trip for me. Both of mine went off in the rain in the storage compartment in my boat. Should not have happened! Reamed mine at 40 or 50$ for each kit but made them both manual.
  7. $25 for walleye dinner $70 with tip(I tip well) for my son and I with a ginger ale and a water to drink. Not complaining, I'm a truck driver and understand the logistics of getting food, power, staff etc to an island and the extra costs involved. If I couldn't afford it i wouldn't have eaten there 🙂 spent a summer on James Bay in the 80's, that was an expensive place $25 for a case of coke at the Hudsons Bay....
  8. Stopped in for dinner on my camping trip last weekend. Pricey but delicious!!
  9. There is a Crestliner Owners group on Face book. It's a very helpful community, (no Bull on there at all) ask just about anything and you will get good solid and honest answers. It's one of the few facebook groups I look forward to seeing posts from. Theres probably Lund, Starcraft, Ranger etc groups as well but I can only speak for the Crestliner group
  10. Hope he's still downloading pics lol!
  11. Looks like they have new owners for the summer... http://www.boatsandplaces.com/henrys-sans-souci-location-under-new-ownership/
  12. jjcanoe

    Golf Cart

    Sounds like the cart is in good hands Dan, ours is an EZ go (1996 model) but doesn't have that 'feature'. Here's a forum for carts that I've used, and there are others as well. http://www.buggiesgonewild.com/electric-ezgo/5707-91-ez-go-cuts-out-3-4-throttle.html
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