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  1. Probably will be able to change them, but check with the licencing site to be sure. Wasn't aware you could pre plan the days you fished, when buying a non resident licence. Alway thought the 8 days started the day after you bought it. I get one for a relative who visits every few years and that was the case 5 years ago. Looks like that has changed?
  2. Asked the same question back in Jan. Ended up going with the ipilot, the cost difference is just too great. With the Canadian dollar in the crapper it's even a worse deal now
  3. Also limestone based as opposed to granite where you usually fish
  4. Yes quite similar in structure but not as many islands, there are lots of bass near shore and on good days you can almost sight fish them. Walleye not so sure and as for pike I've heard stories about good pike fishing in the area but they might be stories, or maybe not? Try and find some drop offs rocky shoals or flats or river mouths
  5. My bad $20 taxes in Eagle Claw Magnum hook remover
  6. Bought one of those at the spring fishing show for $15, exactly the same. BPS or Cabelas should have them or visit your local tackle store when they open up again
  7. So the main differences are, IPilot: 6 saved tracks, 6 saved spotlocks, must record tracks and save spotlocks as you go Pronav: unlimited for both, can preset these points in advance on tablet or phone via Google earth or Navionics IPilot: remote, lose footpedal Pronav: remote, keep footpedal IPilot app: 2.9 rated by users Pronav app: 4.2 rated by user IPilot: warranty?? One year probably, couldn't find info Pronav: lifetime warranty, lifetime software updates, 1 year buyback guarantee Most other features are quite similar IPilot: $449 Pronav: $849 I guess the question really is, are all the extras worth $400?
  8. Hmmmm, bought the boat new in late 2015, came with the motor..... I'll have to check into that when it comes out of winter boat jail this spring
  9. Looking like it's going to rule the ice soon enough Dan!
  10. Thanks Dutch01, that's the type of feedback I was looking for. I've seen the owners group on FB. I hoped there was someone on here who had one in use, but seems like a fairly new product. I'll give the owners group a shot as well.
  11. Yup connects via bluetooth. Currently have a powerdrive v2. Can't upgrade that to I pilot. Planning on using one of the old tablets or phones I have stashed in the "drawer". If it ends up at the bottom of the bay, no big deal lol All of them are compatible with Navionics, which is now one price for all devices you own (one subscription). Watching the videos on their website it looks like it will provide everything I need. Maybe they need a Canadian field tester....
  12. Remote included, for the $849 So $849 and keep my existing motor and get it upgrded to the features of a terrova with Ipilot and keep my Lowrance Elite, or about $4000 to upgrade both motor to a terrova and fish finder to a humminbird..... not really sure how this is more cost efficient
  13. Have a perfectly functional trolling motor without ipilot, and fishfinder/GPS, both just a few years old, upgrading both is what I find pricey compared to the Pronav.
  14. Came across this product, looks fantastic, saves upgrading my trolling motor and or fish finder. Was wondering if anyone uses this have a few questions. https://pronavmarine.com/
  15. True if it's a tiny boat. A larger boat is pretty much unaffected unless the solo driver weighs 400+ lbs. What happens when you bring a buddy out fishing? Move the batteries around some more?
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