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Free to a good home - 1 per person, includes box.


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Lucky tackle box 1 - GONE


Lucky tackle box 2 - GONE


Lucky tackle box 3 - spinnerbaits - GONE


Lucky Tackle Box 4 - Box has 1 broken hinge but still works. With misc tackle.





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Patrick, Nice meeting you and thank you for your Generous Offer when l delivered them too my Grandson this after noon he was estatic and wanted to Thank You also. He was going through it with his little Friend and was showing him what he had got from you and his Friend said he wanted to learn how to Fish but his Dad did not, So he Gave him some of the Lures that where there and now l will get him a Fishing Rod so l get to take Both of them Fishing. Again we Thank You.  😂

Kelvin AKA Loonietoon.

I will get the Spinners to Albert Soon

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