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I thought I was OK with the latest gun grab as I had no mag fed semi autos, WRONG !!,  some how the classy SINGLE SHOT Ruger No.1 made the list, Just checking out market value of my somewhat rare .218 Bee. Seems because the rifle is also available in .460 Weatherby Mag which along with the .50 cals surpass a certain level of muzzle energy that the Lunatics running the show deem them destructive devices or some nonsense rather than firearms. Anyone with some knowledge of firearms knows a .218 Bee is one of the lowest powered centerfire cartridges out there but gets caught up in this boon doogle.   Wonder if I will get a fair market value if I am so stupid to turn it in 



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Why would you... They already knew you had A gun by the fact you had to obtain a possession licence or PAL prior to the registry coming about..... so you then registered ONE! In my case the old family Cooey 22. And that's all I have..... :Gonefishing:

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On 12/1/2022 at 10:12 PM, dave524 said:

Don't tell anyone but I never registered any long guns 🤣

You just did.  You also have a .218 bee.  Don't put nug stuff online, ever.  It will never help you, only harm you.  Like mentioned, they already know you most likely have one by virtue of licensing.

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