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Strokes & Putts Fish Plummer's Arctic Circle.


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Some days now I can't remember what fishing stories get passed along where, and that's weird cause I write about half what I used to.  Early Old Timers starting, who knows?  What I do know is that it was a miserable rainy day today and that being so I slipped away back into some Arctic sun my missus, friends and self all enjoyed this past July...  Arctic Circle Lodge is a self-guided fishing experience on Great Bear Lake NWT and it is there where lake trout numbers are just absolutely staggering.  Some years back I think it was about 285 fish Bren and I caught over the six days fishing with some good big greys in the mix.  This year little had changed except that we were a group of six instead of two.  BIG, BIG fish this summer too, Bren caught her first over 40 pounds while other's picked up PB's as well. With a drone along, my buddy captured some great videos and photos, including the photoshoot and release of Bren's giant.  The extra shots make this report something special.  Anyways, it's a cool read, loaded with pictures and for those whose fishing is slowing down, it's good and free entertainment to pass the time. 

Here's the link...

Strokes & Putts Fish Plummer's Arctic Circle Lodge.






Later doods!



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I dunno if there is anything I like more then big greasers.   The fact that this is self guided as well really sets it apart from being in a boat with a guide all day, lol.  Awesome man, one day I'll be joining you on one of these adventures :)

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Thanks fellas!

Bill, I can see this trip happening again some years down the road. For big lakers there is no better place than Bear. For numbers, Arctic Circle may be hard to beat as well. Won't be heading back anytime soon, cause it's kind of a case of been there, done that at the moment... but as years go by plenty places are worth a revisit and, changing it up with a different group can make it new again. You and the missus as part of a group of 12 would be great!  Of all the northern spots for bucketlist lakers, this should be the top one.

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