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  1. Go to [email protected] this is the unincorporated association for the kenora district they should have a list of contacts for the unincorporated groups in the province.
  2. my old neighbor bought a homemade trailer from a friend in the states and to get it registered he needed to have a safety done .
  3. my wife has ordered from them. she ordered a blouse and when it came it was too small, so she called them and they arranged for a new one to be shipped,, just the other day one of the guys at coffee told me that his bank called and said they had a charge of over 400 dollars on his visa from wish, he didin't make any purchase so the bank is checking into it. that would be enough to scare me ofany purchase.
  4. STOP posting pictures like that the green drool of envy is running down from my lips onto my shirt.
  5. I have an alumacraft 185 and it has a double hull . it is a great boat but I don't know how much they cost. when I got mine (2001)it was 35000 with a 150 optimax engine now days I think they are close to 50,000. if you are looking to buy Canadian, take a look at the princecraft line of boats, my buddy has one and it has seen a lot of rough water and is still leakproof.
  6. if you are bound to do this, why not look around the area you want to be in, then go to the mnr and ask if you can get a land use permit for that site,
  7. when I guided in northwestern Ontario we would consider 100 bucks for 2 or3 days a good tip but I would think in one of the higher end lodges 50 a day would be in line with what the guides expect. also if you take them some goodies, like product samples ie: baseball caps or tshirts they would be tickled too. this was when we were paid 100 a day by the lodge to guide.
  8. i have a 150 optimax and it is ok for gas, I think any of the bigger motors will be pigs if you run wide open . I used to have a 85 hp Johnson and it would use a cruise a day of gas if wide open in 5 miles of travel
  9. I just noticed this on the posts of a thread I was reading. just what is the total reputation for a person and how is it figured out.
  10. I went to the boat show in Winnipeg, (used to be an all round fishing show with tackle booths and distributors) but this year there was only 1 fishing booth and they had little on the "show discount" available. Cabelas only sponsored a cooking demonstration and there was one spot 8 feet wide at the back of the booths, beside the food court (also 1 booth with cold hot dogs and pop and chips) for a guy to try to teach you how to use a fly rod and cast with it. there was also a small area where kids could practice throwing an axe. all in all it was a large disappointment. it cost 15 bucks a person . I spent 3 1/2 hours there, cost 16 bucks for parking at the site, so it was almost 50 bucks to see some fancy boats the average guy couldn't afford
  11. thanks for the comments, maybe i will try and buff them up again and see if they get any clearer.
  12. In 2001 i got a new alumacraft boat with a 150 hp merc optimax, the dealer wanted to put on the smartcraft guages because they had never installed them before and i said sure go ahead, well here we are a few years later (ok, a lot a years later) and the plastic cover on the guages has yellowed so bad you cant read the digital output that gives you all the readouts. I'm mostly concerned that i can't see the amount of gas in the tank, oil in the reservoir and the trim settings. yesterday i stopped at the marina where the boat was purchased and they gave me tachometer to try. it worked but i couldn't get it to read anything past the initial sign on screen. so i took it back to the dealer and he sent me across the street to see the other marina that now has the mercury dealership. they looked up information on the numbers i got off my speedo and tach on the boat and discovered that you cant getew replacements for that version of the guages. so maybe, i thought i would just get new ones . turns out the new guages are just over 1600 bucks apiece. so that idea is out. so why i'm posting here is, is anyone out there familiar with getting the yellow out of the plastic, i have tried the stuff they advertise on tv but it doesn't seem to work all that well. any suggestions would be welcome.
  13. if i were looking for a new boat i'd be looking at a princecraft, aren't they made in quebec? my neighbour has one and believe me, it has taken a beating but it still is holding up and not leaking.
  14. turn off the oil pipeline tap, build our own refineries, stop softwood lumber exports , let them denude their own forests because im sick of paying 5 bucks for a 2x4 stud while the same stick from the same company in canada ,in the usa , costs 1.00. time to take the gloves off and use our natural resources for our advantage, stop giving them away
  15. this past saturday, my buddy Ron and I decided to go and try for some trout in a little lake off Eagle Lake. this involved a trip up a creek that was more like a snake than a straight line. it took an hour and a half to get to the lake and in the process we managed to ding our prop a couple times and will require a touch up. within 5 minutes we had our first trout in the boat, by the 10 minute mark we had 3 trout and in 20 minutes we were limited out . to make the trip worthwhile we decided we would stay for another hour and a half and practice catch and release. when the time was up we had released another 6 trout. it was one of the best trips i have ever had into that lake,
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