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  1. grt1

    smart guages discoloured lenses

    thanks for the comments, maybe i will try and buff them up again and see if they get any clearer.
  2. In 2001 i got a new alumacraft boat with a 150 hp merc optimax, the dealer wanted to put on the smartcraft guages because they had never installed them before and i said sure go ahead, well here we are a few years later (ok, a lot a years later) and the plastic cover on the guages has yellowed so bad you cant read the digital output that gives you all the readouts. I'm mostly concerned that i can't see the amount of gas in the tank, oil in the reservoir and the trim settings. yesterday i stopped at the marina where the boat was purchased and they gave me tachometer to try. it worked but i couldn't get it to read anything past the initial sign on screen. so i took it back to the dealer and he sent me across the street to see the other marina that now has the mercury dealership. they looked up information on the numbers i got off my speedo and tach on the boat and discovered that you cant getew replacements for that version of the guages. so maybe, i thought i would just get new ones . turns out the new guages are just over 1600 bucks apiece. so that idea is out. so why i'm posting here is, is anyone out there familiar with getting the yellow out of the plastic, i have tried the stuff they advertise on tv but it doesn't seem to work all that well. any suggestions would be welcome.
  3. grt1

    New 10% Tariff On US-made Boats

    if i were looking for a new boat i'd be looking at a princecraft, aren't they made in quebec? my neighbour has one and believe me, it has taken a beating but it still is holding up and not leaking.
  4. grt1

    New 10% Tariff On US-made Boats

    turn off the oil pipeline tap, build our own refineries, stop softwood lumber exports , let them denude their own forests because im sick of paying 5 bucks for a 2x4 stud while the same stick from the same company in canada ,in the usa , costs 1.00. time to take the gloves off and use our natural resources for our advantage, stop giving them away
  5. this past saturday, my buddy Ron and I decided to go and try for some trout in a little lake off Eagle Lake. this involved a trip up a creek that was more like a snake than a straight line. it took an hour and a half to get to the lake and in the process we managed to ding our prop a couple times and will require a touch up. within 5 minutes we had our first trout in the boat, by the 10 minute mark we had 3 trout and in 20 minutes we were limited out . to make the trip worthwhile we decided we would stay for another hour and a half and practice catch and release. when the time was up we had released another 6 trout. it was one of the best trips i have ever had into that lake,
  6. a few years ago i asked my neighbour to help me pull my boat for the season, he hooked my trailer up to his wife's jeep cherokee and took it over to the boat launch. i drove my boat (16 foot starcraft) around and loaded it on the trailer. Unfortuneately the weight of the boat cause the car to slide back down the ramp and into the water, I had to unhook my boat, drive it back to my place , grab my truck and flag down another truck on the highway , i hooked onto his jeep, the guy from the highway hooked onto my truck and together we pulled out the jeep and trailer. by the time we got it out of the water, the only part of the jeep that was visible in the lake was the hood., He had to take the car home and tell his wife he gave her a carwash.
  7. i work a schedule that goes 5 afternoon shifts, 5 days off, 5day shifts , 5 night shifts, 5 days off,
  8. thanks for heading me in the right direction , i figured it out with your help
  9. I am hoping someone can give me help with my samsung tablet, I have a tab e that came with an excel program on it. I have been using this program to put my work schedule on it and now that the schedule has been replaced with a new one, how do i get rid of the out of date schedule, i cant seem to find a garbage bin to put it in and when i close the "file" there isn't a delete option available I will gladly accept all assistance
  10. grt1

    Anyone interested in doing a road trip?

    jeeze , i wish i lived closer, i'd be in to take the trip (might have to fib to the wife about my whereabouts though)
  11. grt1

    Dismembered my minn kota

    the i pilot is the greatest invention since sliced bread, just love mine
  12. grt1


    i was at work last thursday and my wife called and told me i was in deep cawcaw, I guess she went into the kitchen for something and there was a weasel on the kitchen counter looking at her. after calling the neighbours over and trying to lock it in a room she called me. i told her i would look for it when I got home but by that time she had calmed down . the hall was filled with fishing nets and blankets and boxes to try and catch it with , all to no avail. I now have 2 live traps in the basement and hopefully i'll get the little guy , as a side note, now the wife thinks this was funny and is off my case.
  13. grt1

    Lake of the Woods recommendations

    take a look at the regs for the area, musky are only opening the 3rd saturday of june. so if you are aiming for them in may you will be in violation of the law
  14. grt1

    Family in Fla. won't evecuate/rant

    i called our old neighbours who live outside orlando, they are staying put, said they have already had 3 hurricanes under their belts and don't think they are facing any problems with this one. I sure hope they are right.
  15. grt1

    2014 Dodge Thoughts

    i have a 2013 dodge i bought in 2014 and i love it . has the hemi, 4x4 and it is just what you need when it snows up here. had a 2006 and traded it for the 13, the new truck i have has the full sized rear seats and the old one was just a straight cab. if you get the dodge you won't be sorry.