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Found 1 result

  1. Some days now I can't remember what fishing stories get passed along where, and that's weird cause I write about half what I used to. Early Old Timers starting, who knows? What I do know is that it was a miserable rainy day today and that being so I slipped away back into some Arctic sun my missus, friends and self all enjoyed this past July... Arctic Circle Lodge is a self-guided fishing experience on Great Bear Lake NWT and it is there where lake trout numbers are just absolutely staggering. Some years back I think it was about 285 fish Bren and I caught over the six days fishing with some good big greys in the mix. This year little had changed except that we were a group of six instead of two. BIG, BIG fish this summer too, Bren caught her first over 40 pounds while other's picked up PB's as well. With a drone along, my buddy captured some great videos and photos, including the photoshoot and release of Bren's giant. The extra shots make this report something special. Anyways, it's a cool read, loaded with pictures and for those whose fishing is slowing down, it's good and free entertainment to pass the time. Here's the link... Strokes & Putts Fish Plummer's Arctic Circle Lodge. Later doods! :)
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