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Hi all. I received a new 4 man ice shelter from Santa. So that leaves me with a 2 man HT shelter taking up room in the shop. Its a back pack type style with 2 fold out chairs. flip up, no doors all one unit. Can anybody use it? Its used but not abused.



:clapping: I see some PB karma coming your way Colin. nice

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Thanks all, but I'm just looking for someone to enjoy it. My " rookie ice fishing pal's " of 10 yrs, don't go ice fishing without me. And my " experienced ice fishing pals " of 10 - 12 yrs all have their Clams and Frabill pull along's. Sooooooooooooo, on one hand I have boys that have all the stuff and on the other, the boys that don't want the bother. I couldn't think of a better place to say here and enjoy.


On another note, I have been seeing the fishing for Tyler posts. How much is it to enter? I know my girls would enjoy it. Running around the ice and building mini snow men that is

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