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  1. You should consult with the manufacturer. If they make the same appliance in propane they will have the info. Failing that, orifice size and manifold pressure rely on each other. So I think whoever sized the orifices should be able to tell you manifold pressure. It is all based on number of burners and appliance input. There are tables in the B149.2 for orifice sizing. 10’wc is not uncommon manifold pressure for propane. And yes, pressure is with appliance operating.
  2. So sorry for your loss. I don't know you or Sue (except for reading your posts) but my heart sank when I read the news. All the best.
  3. What did you use for lighting. It looks real slick. I'm looking to put courtesy lights in my bowrider
  4. We are at Blairton Park on Crowe Lake. You could rent a trailer or they a couple of cabins for a weekend to check it out. Not on the Trent but a decent lake imo
  5. We are in a park in the Kawartha's. Been there about 8 years. As previously stated different parks different rules different atmosphere. All in we pay about $3000 or a little better per season. That's site, 2 boat slips, seasonal guest pass, seasonal fire wood pass, one winter boat storage plus metered hydro. I think all parks are extra extra extra. We like it. Friendly park. Not cliquish ( unless I'm in the clique and don't know it. But I don't strike me as that kind of person). Good mixture of lots of kids and older couples. Pets welcome just not on the beach. Probably 120 trailers. Owners are young couple with 2 young kids of their own. Absolutely engaged in the park. Seem to do one major improvement every year. But in my opinion the trailer is not an investment. They depreciate. We bought new and moved it in. At this point I'd be happy if I got half of what I paid if I were to sell. Also when it gets old enough it may be worth nothing. Lots of parks have age restrictions when it comes to selling a trailer and keeping it in the park. As already said shop around. Stay a weekend or two see how it feels. Park we are in has rentals by the week or night. All in all it was one of the best things we ever did.
  6. Tanks for the tip. Got it on my Christma list and wife went it got it. Not allowed to play with it till christmas though. Box says maps for US, Canada, Great Lakes and Alaska?
  7. Like the rest I have followed this thread in awe of her courage and determination. Now I read this with tears in my eyes. I don't know you Wayne or your family but you have my sincerest condolences and respect. RIP Jennifer.
  8. Ya that was a decent thing to do!
  9. Thanks. I'll give Port Perry a call
  10. I'm looking to get the sun pad from my boat repaired/recovered. Can anyone recommend anything in the Durham area?
  11. Unbelievable!!!! She really is a remarkable young lady! You have much to be proud of!
  12. 7 months for me. Cravings come and go. Tried to quit a zillion times. Hopefully this is it!!
  13. I would, as suggested change the oil and take it out, then check it again. I wouldn't assume shaft seal though. I'd pressure test lower end to find leak.
  14. Had a pair of Bolles for years. Loved them. Lost them off the back of the boat last year. been through numerous pairs of cheapies since. Never lost them. They either broke or the lenses just kinda wore out. My wonderful wife just bought me a pair of Oakley's. I think I'm gonna like these better than the bolles.
  15. Life appears to be rough. Great report. Thanks
  16. Sorry Dan didn't see your reply
  17. Air switch refers to combustion ventor fan. Could be plugged venting (leaves in inlet pipe),bad air switch or I'd guess condensate drain is plugged. I'd inspect venting and if ok remove and clean all condensate drain lines and also make sure tubes to air switch is clear. Just make sure everything goes back where it came from (as in one tube at a time).
  18. I've got a 42" Philips. Had it for 2 or 3 years. No issues what so ever. I'd buy another one.
  19. Ya he's one happy guy. And so he should be. Congrats. Anyone else see #15 on the list. Kim Mitchell.
  20. Saw Dave's boat in Havelock on Friday. Dave if your still here, where were ya fishing. Was hoping to see ya's on Round or Crowe Lakes.
  21. I was thinking that but I didn't know if I should do it before, after or instead of cleaning the carb. What do you think?
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