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What's Fer Dinner


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We normally do a turkey and a ham but switched it up this year and did a prime rib bought from a local butcher in town and it was absolutely amazing. Put it in a 500 degree oven for 20 minutes then lowered it to 300 and when it came out it was perfect.


Did veggies, Yorkshire Puddings and mashed Yukon Gold with it then finished it off with my wifes home made trifle and I was a happy man.

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Our original plans got changed in a hurry...We were going to have catfish fillets for Maribeth (vegetarian) and ham for me, but, who should show up but Maureen with a turkey she got up early to cook for me and a tofu turkey roast for her mother along with some mini potatoes and a frozen bag of organic corn niblettes ...For dessert she brought a tray of various homemade goodies: cookies, date squares and cheesecakes...


Today is the big dinner for the family (70-80 some odd peeps) held in a church hall in Toronto...

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Cripes Brian...Who knows ?


Maribeth and I had four kids each from our first marriages...They gave us 16 grandkids... then they gave us 6 great-grandkids as far as we know as they are scattered all over and some are not in touch...and that is just our contribution to the total...Lol


Maribeth is one of nine children so the number multiplies quickly...


No great-greats yet...our latest great was a week ago yesterday...

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