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Need help for cousins wedding present


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So, we have started planning my cousins bachelor party before his wedding and the guys decided they want to have it in Niagara towards the end of April. I figure the perfect icing on the cake would be to book a charter for my cousin, his brother and myself for either Lake Ontario or the Niagara River.


Two things I've been having problems with. I checked the MNR website and I couldn't find a for sure answer, does the Niagara River count as zone 16 or zone 20?


Secondly and more important, I'm having trouble finding charters out of the Ontario side. Lots in the states by my cousins brother doesn't have a passport so thats out of the question.


Any help or reccomendations would be greatly apreciated.



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port dahlousie is a killer that time of year too,we nailed 15 salmon in one day on april 1st a few years back !!!! weller would be just as good depending on the wind direction....go onto a site called spoonpullers and they will help you find a charter those guys are hardcore salmon guys who fish that area big time...if you go to the niagara without a doubt paul castallano with cast adventures is the best guide on the river they will put you on fish for sure...he is a river rat big time....cheers and good luck

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