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Hey Rich...


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That's a bggun' Beans!!!


Q: Why don't Rock Bass fight?


A: They know they're gonna be released!


Not with me around! :P LOL


Nice WGSF, You are now eligible to be inducted into the WGSF hall of fame :lol:


"The Fish Crisp Kid"

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Rockies are killing the lake where i fish in the fall. The pickerel river system near golden vally. comanda area. We used to catch walleye in the hundreds. released most of them and only took enough for a shore lunch once a year. This area of water is not heavily fished and only one camp is on the system and it mostly goes to hunters. In recent years we catch rockies 30 or 40 to every 1 pickerel. The lodge owner says kill them all. These rockies are huge and bigger then anything i see on this board. In lakes like this where they are taking over is it ok to kill them. Will killing the ones ya catch really make a difference. I resent them becuase we catch pickerel where we catch the rock bass except i spend tons on minnows to weed out the rockies. it's getting expensive. minnows are not cheap anymore. Rock bass are great to catch for fun and guranteed action for kids. but it's killing the walleye and bass populations in this lake.

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