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  1. Wow, that warm already? Where have I been?
  2. I'm looking for a 7'6" Avid spinning rod. I've checked Fishing World, JB, Angling Specialties, Tightlines and Bass Pro for this rod. Any other St Croix dealers likely to carry it?
  3. A little too early for nests right now. They're currently in pre-spawn, feeding aggressively prior to the spawn. Nest-raiding begins in June.
  4. That's an awesome pic with the sturgeon. What kind of tackle did you land it with?
  5. The tournament scene has been warned often of the dangers of fishing bass in deep water and stressing fish in mid-sumer. They are too concerned with purses and bragging rights to worry about fisheries and conservation.
  6. I tell you about the river if you punctuate your sentences.
  7. Thanks, I've never caught smallies over about 2 lbs, and this one was heavy. I was guessing over 4 for sure, maybe 4.5. Pics coming soon...
  8. At the bare minimum, you'll need a few spinnerbaits, a weedless frog, and some texas hooks and weights with some plastic worms/craws/grubs etc. Weedless bass jigs don't hurt either.
  9. To you guys who weigh your fish often, I caught a smallie on the weekend that was 21" by 15". Any thoughts on the weight?
  10. I think everything with fangs and a mouth bites.
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