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  1. So sorry ,Paul.Prayers for you and Alan.
  2. Look into Zodiaq.Its 93% quartz and the rest Corian.Had it for 8 years and love it.
  3. They no longer maintain the buoys west of the bridge.We had to learn how to get around after we quit bringing the jet boats up and had to use a prop.Its not that hard but lay down a good track and stick to it until you are comfortable. Joe
  4. The even number Husky and Stihl saws used to be for real work and the odd number were more for yuppy types.Husky had a major change a few years ago and home depot carries the stuff so you know its gone down hill.I would go with a Stihl or an echo if the price is right.If you can get an older used Husky,get the even numbered one. Joe
  5. Awesome pics Joey.Its almost like I was there!The food,the friends and the accommodations were as good as it gets.The fishing was better than it has been,tons of pike especially the last two days.No monsters but a steady stream of toothy critters was welcome.Congrats to Al on his first.Good to see Maureen , even if it was only for a few hours.Thanx for the good times again!
  6. Over the last few days there was some discussion among some members her on the pronunciation of Poutine.Is it A:Poot-sin B:Poo-teen C:Poo-tine The vendor pronounced it Poot-sin. Joe
  7. Every year when we head up that way I tell myself we are gonna stop by and see Bernies shop.Now I wanna see the island ,too.Looks like a great time,maybe next time! Joe
  8. Congrats on cheatin death for another year! Joe
  9. Ding ding ding!This is almost the correct answer. The presence of the rod is the issue. Joe
  10. Coniferous trees are easy.Scramble up,cut the laterals and then take it out in blocks,no worries.Let me know if I have to send Roy over to do it. Joe
  11. It was great fishing weather and good to meet up with some old friends.I didn't take many pics but I will say the fish were biting pretty good and the company was outstanding! Joe
  12. Art and I are at Speils now.Lakair here we come.
  13. Your problem will be back when you need it most.Cleaning the outside coils will not solve your icing problem.Get it checked before you really need it. Joe
  14. Icing coil is almost always low refridgerant or poor indoor air flow,dirty filter or dirty inside coil.Turn the fan to on position to thaw coil and call hvac guy. Joe
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