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  1. I want a Husqvarna automower. Sometimes I just stop at Canadian Equipment Outfitters the local dealer here in Innisfil just to watch theirs cut. Amazing how it handles the ditch in front of the store. Take some more saving though.
  2. I can't imagine what you are feeling, but I want to express my condolences. Hoppy (Terry).
  3. Haven't even made it out this year.....debating selling boat.

  4. sigh not even worth posting when on mod q . The delays is so big you can't be relevant.
  5. I asked my son who works for the Ice company and he said the ice was normal.
  6. hopping around a little better today, best in weeks Maybee i'll mke it outside.

  7. I believe the MNR has little interest in allowing people to use these exemptions. As some of you know I became disabled over a decade ago and had questions about proving this will fishing. I went to the MNR both at the sportsman show and asked a CO and was told the only thing to use was my accessible parking pass. Were I launch my boat in IBP there is handicap parking which I need or I go home because I can't walk from the back parking lot. Senior's use them up because they believe they are for them but that's another rant. So I ask if a photocopy of the parking pass will do. No NO I must decide between parking or fishing. I've bought a fishing licence every year and too many years I don't even make it out in spite of hoping to. I think they put this exemption in the regulations just to look good, to look less like a money grab but have know intention of letting people use it. Good luck,good fishing and good on you for taking your buddy out.
  8. I got both with my terra nova but have never even tried the foot pedal. I don't think you'll miss it. Embrace the remote. Have fun with the new toy.
  9. being damaged sucks, hope to use my boat this year

  10. Great fish, great post can't wait to get out on Simcoe to get me some. Cancer is unpleasant!
  11. Our last dog (Dudley) was a lab/border. Wonderful! Super smart and easy to train. He had a huge vocabulary that kept growing into his senior years. We looked for another lab mix but in the end got a black lab puppy. Vader 15 months now and is a beautiful example of his breed and starting to be a well behaved companion.
  12. GbayGiant please cite the article source you posted. it bias and written from a profiteers perspective. Ironworker decriminalization makes it legal for the well off and still punishes everyone else. We'll have more incarcerations from non payment than under the current laws.
  13. Not my cup of tea but I see your point for sure.
  14. So your for straight up anarchy. No roads, hospitals, airports, police nothing just lower taxes.
  15. Problem is the energy sector is run like a business. Oil is cheap 54 are barrel or so, gas is overpriced over a dollar a litre Multinational corporations make billions, Canadian public get screwed. Business means making money off you.
  16. Yeah but the GTA pays the piper. Our taxes would more than double without them.
  17. Have turn this wonderful thread into political Bull. Well I guess as long a it leans hard right its all right around here. Nice Brian, enjoy.
  18. What do you think of the police using a bomb on the shooter. That's something new. Is it legal, moral. How about here in Canada is it alright to add bomb strikes to the police arsenal?
  19. I hope I get to see the Hip this summer. www.thehip.com
  20. There a still industry funded scientists who say cigarettes don't cause cancer so it's no surprise a even bigger industry can find greedy immoral scientists to deny climate change. However there is consensus. cigarettes cause cancer and carbon emissions cause climate change period. Hoppy
  21. Here I thought these setups were only for growing cannabis.
  22. I just remembered you live in the city. If I was in Barrie I think I would use Wind mobile. There cheap.
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